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LakeAir ~ Clean Air Every Where

 LakeAir Air Purifiers are made in the USA. We offer a wide range of air cleaners that fit into Commercial, Industrial and Residential categories. All of our units are all steel construction to provide robust air purifiers that are made to last and last. We  back up our electrical systems with a 7 year limited warranty. Our air cleaners are built using the best materials available. We use carbon steel, tungsten steel aluminum and ceramic in place of cheaper plastic parts.  LakeAir Air Purifying Products are designed to provide clean air in many ways and places. Our models include HEPA, Media and Electrostatic filtration.

Clean air is in the top 5 health concerns according to the Center for Disease Control. Clean air cannot be taken for granted at home or in the office. Schools and the work place are just as important when it comes to the need for clean air.  Many entertainment venues like restaurants, cigar bars and private clubs use LakeAir air purifiers to ensure a fun and safe time are had by all. .LakeAir sells a full line of air purification products that can be used to ensure that the air we breathe is free of irritating and sometimes harmful pollutants. We are dedicated to helping people everywhere achieve a healthier life through high quality products, education and clean air initiatives. Our Mission is and will be to provide “LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere”.

LakeAir Air Purifiers are robust products with 14 gauge steel frames. They can be used in applications from sandblasting areas to doctors offices. One LakeAir Commercial Air Cleaner can  can purify the air in a room up to 3600 square feet.  Check out the full line of LakeAir commercial air cleaning products for your business needs.

Residential LakeAir air purifiers are commercial tough for long lasting professional results in and around your home. We offer whole house air purifying systems as well great room air purifiers. Our residential air cleaners work great in the office to keep the air clean where you work too.

LakeAir produces a great line of air purifiers that gobble up smoke. Whether you own a smokey bar  or manufacturing facility that has many smoke related issues, LakeAir smoke eaters are one of the best  answers to your smokey problems.

LakeAir offers both media and electrostatic air purifiers for your whole home.  These furnace filters frames attach directly to your furnace or HVAC unit. They provide clean air to your entire home. The free flow electrostatic models give the highest amount of IAQ improvement according to the Canadian Home Mortgage Corporation.

All LakeAir media filters are custom made for our  air purifying units. Each filter is made in the USA by leading filter manufacturers. We keep the the full line in stock all year round.  Our replacement filters will keep your LakeAir brand air purifier running at top efficiency. To save you money we offer free shipping anytime you order 3  filters or more.

LakeAir is proud to offer discounts to many groups. First Responders, Veterans, the Elderly and Non profit organizations can request a quote for a discounted price on all of our products. We believe everyone should be afforded the right to clean air. If you have a special need or circumstance please request a quote for price assistance. 

5 Reasons to Buy LakeAir

LakeAir business air purifers are made with a rugged 14 gauge steel frame. LakeAir Residential Units are made from 18 gauge steel bodies. These units are made to last!

All LakeAir Air Purifiers come with an unbeatable 7 year warranty on power supplies and a great 1 year warranty on all other parts.

LakeAir Air Purifiers have been around for over 35 years and we still carry parts and replacement filters for all of them. Good luck trying to find a replacement filter for a big box brand that is over 2 years old. LakeAir is famous for longevity and parts availability.

LakeAir is one of the very few brands that are made in the USA! Most leading brands are assembled overseas and shipped into the USA. We support the USA and USA Jobs.

LakeAir is one of the very few brands that are made in the USA! Most leading brands are assembled overseas and shipped into the USA. We support the USA and USA Jobs.

You can reach our Customer Service 7 days a week. We are here to serve you when you need our help 800-558-9436. You can also get email support from

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Girl in field of flowers

Is it Pollen? or do I have a cold?

Is it Pollen or do I have a cold? When I was young, perhaps 7 or 8, I developed what we thought was a nasty summer cold.  My mother took me to the family doctor to get it checked out because it wasn’t following the usual pattern. The doctor conducted a brief exam and told us that it wasn’t a cold but I was allergic to the pollen of a certain species of water lily.   Mom wanted to know how he knew exactly what I was allergic to. He told her that it was the only plant in the area

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safe air for police departments

Safe Air for Police Departments.

Dangers from Criminal Evidence Nearly every police department has an evidence room. Some have an evidence locker or even a large evidence storage facility. Dangerous items like narcotics are stored in these rooms.  There are many studies about the dangers of third hand exposure to drugs like meth amphetamines. These studies show that 2nd and third hand contact of narcotics can cause the same reactions as the users experience but on a smaller scale.  Adverse symptoms from working in close proximity to narcotics have been reported. Third hand narcotic exposure can be encountered in quantities that cause workers to test positive for

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Clean Air for Pets

Pets Need Clean Air, Too

So Many Pets Sixty-eight percent of U.S. households, or about 85 million families, own a pet, according to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA).  Most of those pets spend all of their time indoors, breathing, and sometimes ingesting, all of the same airborne pollutants that their owners do. Pets are affected three times more by secondhand smoke, house hold products,  and outdoor pollutants in the home.  These pollutants are more than irritating, they are dangerous! Do You Smoke? Your Dog Does Too! We already know the effects of smoking and secondhand smoke on

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Veterans, Highway Patrol and Clean Air

Partnering for Clean Air LakeAir is an air purifier brand manufactured by RK Ventures Inc. in Racine WI.  They were recently contacted by Anchor Supply Inc to help fulfill a need presented to them by the California Highway Patrol. Lieutenant Antonio Dominguez contacted Rick Kilton Sales manager of Anchor Supply with a  request for an evidence room air purifier solution. The need was to purify the air in a room of at least 600 sq ft with media and carbon filtration. A quiet and dependable evidence room air purifier was needed to eliminate odors from marijuana and other fumes. Lieutenant

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Air Gas by Daniel Levis Pelusi


TESTING FOR VOCs … Despite your efforts to keep and maintain your home clean, you may still become ill due to indoor pollutants. Testing for VOCs in indoor air for the presence of contaminants and toxins is a measure to improve its quality and avoid health hazards. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that the average American spends 90% of their time indoors where the concentration of toxins is 2-5 times higher than outdoors. Here are important chemicals and toxins that you should look for when analyzing indoor air quality. Radon Radon is a harmful gas that you cannot smell or see. It is

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What is a brand

More Than a Brand

This product is really more than a brand. Some 5 years ago we (Leigh and I ) got involved with the fine folks from LakeAir. The company has been around for over 35 years! We started out by helping them design a better website. From websites we moved to better product photography. Before long we were learning the ins and outs of the air purifier business.  Updating specifications sheets with new photos became our baby . We helped testing products to be sure they were still performing to specifications. We produced product and how to videos for the company. Next

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