Kitchen Air Purifier

LakeAir Kitchen Air Purifier

Do you need a kitchen air purifier? That is a great question! It depends on what kind of kitchen you have. It also depends on what you want your environment to be. Wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen can be a very good thing. But, is your kitchen in a split level ranch or an upscale restaurant? Let’s take a look at the pluses and minuses in kitchen air purification.

Odors, Smoke or Both

Kitchens can produce some of the nicest smells in the world. They can also create odors that are offensive. If you want the smell of your roast to fill your home, you might not want kitchen odor control. If that great soup smells like old socks while it’s cooking then you might. Odors are controlled with activated carbon filters. Every LakeAir air purifier and smoke eater is equipped with carbon odor control. Smoke is controlled by media or electrostatic filtration. We offer both of these options in multiple models.

HEPA or Electrostatic

There are good and bad points to both. HEPA cleans out more impurities in one pass. These filters are disposable and easy to replace. HEPA filters cost A LOT of money. HEPA filtration cleans the air fewer times an hour. Electrostatic cells remove 3% less impurities. They clean the air 2 times more often an hour. Electrostatic cells are washed and do not need to be replaced. Both technologies work really well. You need to decide what system is best for your kitchen. If you need advice, give us a call at 800-558-9436 and we will help you sort it out.

What Model do I need

The model of air purifier that is right for you depends on your budget and environment. LakeAir has 5 models in 3 media types to choose from. We can provide a kitchen air purifier for almost any situation. If your kitchen is tiny or a 5000 square foot behemoth we have a system for you. If your problem is odor, smoke or both, we have you covered.

Kitchen Air Purifier in the Home

Home kitchens can be a problem. Making candy or pickling vegetables can drive a person from the home. LakeAir has 2 models that will work great on the counter top or shelf in any kitchen. The Excel is great for smaller kitchens. It can handle a room 15 x 15. The Excel offers electrostatic and media filtration. The Maxum moves up to 400 CFM and is available in HEPA, electrostatic and MERV 11 media. A Maxum will work great in a kitchen 25 x 25. If you need more filtration you can always add a second unit.

Restaurant Air Purifiers and Smoke Eaters

The professional kitchen is a whole other animal. There are so many things going on here that the mix of aroma and smoke often needs to be contained.  LakeAir has a full line with kitchen air purifier and kitchen smoke eater to handle whatever your situation is.  We have our LAFC that mounts flush to the ceiling in a 2×4 ceiling grid. We have the LA2000 and LA1400 that can be hung form the ceiling or mounted on a wall. Al units are available in HEPA, Electrostatic and MERV 11 Media. Check out or links below and see what LakeAir kitchen air purifier or LakeAir smoke eater is right for you. If you have any questions, call our customer service number 800-558-9436.

Kitchen Size     15′ x 15′

Filtration           Electrostatic / MERV 11

MSRP                 $425.00            $283.00

BLK / WHT / Woodgrain / Brushed Alum

Kitchen Size     25′ x 25′

Filtration           HEPA / Electrostatic / MERV 11

MSRP                 $675.00 / $550.00 /  $438.00

        BLK / WHT / Woodgrain / Brushed Alum

Kitchen Size     30′ x 30′

Filtration           Electrostatic    /   MERV 11

MSRP                 $1395.00            $1199.00

Black  / White

Ceiling Hung or Wall Mounted 

Kitchen Size    40′ x 40′

Filtration           HEPA     /    Electrostatic 

MSRP                 $1845.00       $1845.00

Black    / White

Ceiling Hung or Wall Mounted 

  • Kitchen Size   30’x 30′
  • filtration HEPA  / Electrostatic /  MERV 11 / Full Carbon
  • MSRP   $1695.00  /$1695.00 / $1500.00 / $1695.00
  • Mounts flush to the ceiling in a 2′ x 4′ drop ceiling grid.