LakeAir Commercial Air Purifiers

Commercial Air Purifiers

LakeAir manufactures heavy duty commercial air purifiers for many light industrial and commercial uses. Our commercial air purifiers are designed for various situations. They can be deployed alone or with other units to filter the air in almost any size area. One LakeAir commercial air purifier can clean the air in a room up to 60 feet x 60  feet. our purifiers can be purchased on our site or from one of our reselling partners

Built to Last

LakeAir commercial air purifiers built from 14 gauge  american steel.  This heavy duty construction ensures long life and great durability. We use high quality electric motors and blowers. Our electronic power supplies have an industry leading 7 year warranty.

Pennies to Operate

LakeAir commercial air purifiers are hard on dirty air but easy on your operating budget. Washable electrostatic filters have almost no back pressure and will last for years. The new Super HEPA configuration will keep replacement of expensive HEPA filters to a minimum. Our 3 filter system purifies the air in your shop, helping your equipment to last longer. Cleaning the air in your business means you reduce heating cost because don’t have to reheat air from the outside.

Commercial air purifier applications

LakeAir Commercial air purifiers function well in a number of environments. The LAFC line has a sleek ceiling grid mounted design that lend themselves to upscale environments. The LAFC blends well into a high end restaurant, doctors office or clean room.

Industrial Applications

The LA series is a blend of rugged design and massive airflow. This robust model thrives in dirty environments. The radial fan design moves large quantities of air to provide good ventilation. our commercial air purifiers provide clean air for today’s challenging business environments.  Electrostatic air purifiers are especially well suited to high smoke and fume areas found in welding facilities and metal fab shops. The strength of the LA series can be applied to smokey bars and Vape lounges as well.

LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere 

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