Refurbished Air Purifiers


LakeAir refurbished air purifiers are an economical way to provide clean air for your home or business. In most cases a refurbished air purifier has all of the internal components replaced.  Usually the only parts that are re-used are the frame and body skin.

Strong Warranty

The warranty on a LakeAir refurbished air purifiers is as good as most new air purifiers. LakeAir products last many years. We hear stories form customers who have had their units for more than 20 years without any issues. You should expect many years of service from a LakeAir refurbished air purifier.  Each Factory refurbished air purifier comes with a One Year factory warranty and a (30 day return)*. Refurbished units are tested for all functions by certified service specialist.

Huge Discounts

Prices on refurbished units are from 30% to 45% lower than new units. The refurbished price puts these high quality air purifiers in the price range of many of the lower quality big box store products.

Where do we get our units for refurbishment? We offer a great trade in program. These units are subjected to availability, and that is often for a very short period! For More information you can call our customer service ( 800-558-9436) to inquire about additional information and availability.

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