Smoke Eaters

Smoke Eaters

‘Smoke Eaters’ is a generic term for ambient room air purifiers. The LakeAir LAFC  is well known as a smoke eater and so much more. These air purifiers quietly remove indoor air pollution from any room. The LAFC is very popular in restaurants, cigar lounges, hookah bars and vape shops.

More than Smoke

While these quiet giants are great at handling smoke, they are used commercially for so much more. To name a few: doctors exam rooms, clean rooms for electronics, makeup manufactures, money counting rooms in banks and casinos, poultry processing, private green houses, bakeries, FDA silicone tubing plants and mobile hospitals. The list goes on and on for the applications of this unit.

So much in so little space

The LAFC mounts in a 2 x 4 ceiling grid and only needs 11 inches of clearance. This powerful and nearly invisible pollution destroyer can clean the air in a room up to 45 x 45 4 times an hour. They are are available in 4 different iterations;  HEPA, Electrostatic, Media and the new Super HEPA.

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