Home Smoke Eater Bundle


The Home Smoke Eater Bundle will keep smoke under control for a full year. The bundle includes 1 Maxum electrostatic air purifier and (2) SuperMax  activated carbon filters at a great reduced price.

Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier


The Maxum Home Air Purifier

Maxum electrostatic air purifier has commercial strength power with quiet operation to purify air in large home and office areas. It is great Large areas in and around your home and office. Wall mount the maxum in small restaurant areas. The Maxum is powerful enough to clean a 24' x 24' area.


Supermax Carbon filter

supermax charcoal filter

The Supermax activated charcoal filter adds more odor control to the Maxum air purifier. The Supermax's filter design is made up of a honeycomb construction. Each little pocket contains several activated carbon filter particles. Each  carbon particle acts a power odor absorbing magnet. The standard activated carbon filter is 1/8" wide while the Supermax's width is just under 1 inch.   If you need that extra sense of clean and fresh, this filter will do it better and longer.

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Home Smoke Eater

The LakeAir Products protect your family from the dangers of smoke. This product offering  gives big savings on a commercial smoke eater for the home.

Protect Your Health

The Maxum home smoke eater uses 2 types of air filter technologies. The first air filter  is an electrostatic precipitator. Smoke given an electrical charge in the first section. In the second section the smoke is attracted to the aluminum plates just like metal to a magnet. The smoke particles are trapped on the plates until  It is washed away.  Our electrostatic cells are 97% efficient on particles as small .01 microns.

Home Smoke Eater technology

After the electrostatic cell has removed the pollution particles, the air moves into an activated carbon filter. How is activated carbon made? Activated  carbon is carbon that has been treated with oxygen. The treatment gives carbon millions of tiny holes. These tiny holes give the charcoal a tremendously large surface. The gases pass through the charcoal where it is trapped. This process is called adsorption. Each granule of carbon has a specific amount of odor it can hold. When a carbon granule has adsorbed as many odors as it can, it is saturated. The filter then needs to be replaced. There are over 150 types of activated carbon. LakeAir carbon filters use high quality carbon manufactured specifically for the removal of the most common air pollutants.

Carbon Structure found in a home smoke eater

Added Protection

A residential smoke eater protects more than your family. It protects your home from the effects of smoke.  A recent study showed that homes with smokers could sell for up to 29% less than similar homes without these issues.  On a $230,000 home that could lead to a loss of  more than 66,000 Dollars. Removing smoke stains from walls and ceiling is a lot of work. Many times you have to repaint your home with expensive primers and paint.  Removing smoke odors from carpets and drapes is a costly process. Quite often you have to rip out the existing carpet and replace it with new.

Protect your pets

Cats, dogs and birds are particularly sensitive to 2nd hand smoke. Our pets have smaller bodies and smoke affects them more severely. A home smoke eater will protect your pets from 2nd and 3rd hand smoke. What’s 3rd hand smoke? Third hand smoke is the residue that remains on skin, fur, clothing, furniture. The residue remains after the air has cleared. Every cat owner knows that cats are meticulous groomers. Your Siamese cat is cleaning more than dirt and dust off her fur. Your cat can’t stop these toxins that fall from smoky air. She can’t help but “eat” them when she grooms.   Cats who live in a smokers home are 4 times as likely to develop lymphoma, heart arrhythmia, and lung paralysis. Cats that are not exposed to tobacco users do not have this issue. Dogs are more likely to have nose and eye issues if they live in a smokey house. There life span is often shortened. Birds have smaller bodies and are even more likely to suffer from your cigarettes.

The Solution:  home smoke eater

The Maxum air cleaner is often used as a home smoke eater. This Electrostatic air purifiers provide a safer way to enjoy smoking. This can then be done without endangering the safety of others. The Maxum quietly cleans indoor air pollution. It does not require costly filter changes. The electronic filter can be washed and reused many many times. This air purifier is compact and powerful. It can be easily moved from room to room.   The Maxum electrostatic home air purifier costs less than $100.00 to run for an entire year. The Super-max activated carbon filter fits in the Maxum. It  adds extended odor control for smoking rooms.

Product Specifications:

capacity 210-275 cfm  – size 13 x 17 x 13.25″ – weight 24 lb.- sound level 49-54 db (A) -Power 120v, AC/60Hz/.85 amps  –

shipping weight 29 lb.- activated carbon filter – washable electronic filter – approximate room size 25′ x 25′

available in black, white and wood grain – 7 year limited warranty – removes 97% of particle to .01 microns

Great Savings on a Great Bundle

The LakeAir home smoke eater bundle includes everything to keep your air fresh and the nasty odor of smoking away for an entire year.  The permanent electrostatic cell does not need to be replaced. You just  wash it and it’s good as the day you first turned it on. To see how easy it is to clean this washable filter just watch this video. The bundle also includes (2) Super-max activated carbon filters that will trap the odors from smoke for an extended amount of time. You receive total odor protection for under $550.00. On top of the low price we will include FREE shipping!

Watch the Home Smoke Eater in Action

Less Smoke = Less Hassle

Home smoke eaters can stop many family arguments before they even start.  The Maxum electrostatic air purifier is very quiet at only 49 decibels. this unit removes more than the smoke you see. It removes countless air pollution particles and fumes that are dangerous to the health of all. The Maxum removes smoke from all sources around the home.  Confine smoke creating activities to one room with a Maxum inside it. This will easily keep smoke and its odors out of the whole house.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been reported to have healing benefits. Many people live happier lives from less pain and discomfort. But is medical marijuana good for the whole family?  according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the toxins and tar levels known to be present in marijuana raise concerns. Exposure can be bad for the young, old, and people with asthma. Don’t take chances with your family. The Maxum removes marijuana smoke and the effects of 2nd hand marijuana smoke. Even if medical marijuana is legal the odor can be embarrassing. Your neighbors might not know you are using marijuana legally.  It is important to protect all the members of your family, including our pets from side effects of this medical advancement.

E-Cigarettes / Vape

Electronic Cigarettes—or e-cigarettes are designed to offer nicotine vapor without burning tobacco. A typical e-cigarette is a battery-powered device with a heating element and a cartridge filled with a liquid solution. When in use, the heating element vaporizes the liquid. It is agreed among most professionals that more studies need to look at the effect of 2nd hand vaping fumes. There is evidence that vaping indoors–even in a well-ventilated room–releases ultra fine particles and hazardous chemicals  into the air. The Maxum air purifier can neutralize these threats. Other than a health concern, the vapor from an E-cigarette will leave a residue on your windows and walls. This residue is stubborn to remove. It resists many cleaners and degreasers. Your home smoke eater will  reduce the amount of cleaning  needed as a result of vaping.

Long Lasting Protection

The Maxum residential smoke eater is an commercial strength air purifier. It has an industry leading 7 year limited warranty.  Most air purifiers bought for the home are largely plastic construction.  The body is 18 gauge steel. The Electrostatic cell is made of high grade materials; aluminum, ceramic and tungsten steel. Like all LakeAir products, the Maxum is made in the USA.  The electronics are super tough and built to last you many years . We often hear from customers who have had their Maxum for more than 20 years. You should expect a similar experience when you purchase any LakeAir product.

Design Your Own Smoking room

Designing a smoking room in your house gives the family tobacco lover a haven to retreat to. He can relax and enjoy a pipe, cigar or other tobacco product without exposing the rest of the household to the smells or potential health issues associated with tobacco use. A smoking room done in a den-like style also adds an unusual design element to a home, giving it unusual character and style. There are several guides to design and build the perfect room. Here is one example. For more help with any home smoke eater needs please contact our helpful customer service professionals at 1- 800-558-9436
Using a home smoke eater to make a smoking room


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