Clean Air for Schools (30 day no obligation trial)

It is widely known that air pollution can be bad for you. Most people think of smog in LA. They might imagine a crowded New York Street. But our children are exposed to an even greater threat. EPA studies have shown that the air inside can be 2 to 5 times worse than outside. In some cases it can be 100 times worse. Because there are so many more people in a school the dangers are greater.

Where does the pollution come from?

Indoor air pollution in a school comes from a number of sources. The building itself can be a source of contamination. Old carpeting, mold in HVAC ducts are 2 examples. The chemicals used to keep the building clean add to the air pollution load. Insecticides and cleaning products contain harmful VOCs. Radon can seep into a school from the ground below it. Some outside air works its way into the classrooms as well. Germs, viruses and bacteria are carried in by students and teachers alike.  The sources are varied and the amounts can change daily.

What is the Real Risk?

There is growing evidence that poor indoor air quality can produce verbal, perceptual, motor, and behavioral disabilities in children. Children exposed to mold are much more likely to develop asthma. How often do schools have this problem? According to the US Government Accounting Office and US Department of Education some states report having substandard air quality in 24% of their schools. There is a 1 in 5 chance that your children are being exposed to real threats to their learning and health.  

Is there a solution?

The good news is there is a lot that can be done to improve the air quality in our schools. Many school boards are researching new solutions. The EPA is working to help more schools come compliant with the Clean Air Act. Some schools are investing as much as $6450 per classroom to clean the air.

RK Ventures Inc. of Racine Wisconsin has an offer to help with this clean air dilemma. We will allow any school to try one of our classroom air purifiers free for 30 days. To qualify, the school needs to have an established curriculum, be recognized as a learning center in the community, and to fill out a short agreement outlining the terms of the trial.

Free Air Purifiers for Schools


Depending on the schools location, RK Ventures will either install or ship the air purifying system with installation instructions. There will be communications with the school via email and /or phone to be sure the unit is operating properly. It is important to us that our products improve the classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Clean Air Education

RK Ventures will provide literature to be sent home with children should the school wish to do so. An additional discount may be achieved if the school wishes to participate in a program to raise the awareness of the importance of good IAQ and the LakeAir brand.


To qualify, the school needs to have an established curriculum. It has to be recognized as a learning center in the community. You will need fill out a short agreement outlining the terms of the trial. Due to the high demand for this program only a limited number of schools may be able to participate. The decision on participation will be at the discretion of RK Ventures Inc.

Purchase or Return

 If at the end of the 30 day trial or any time before its end, your school wishes to purchase the unit, it may do so at a discounted rate. If your school decides the LakeAir air purifier was not acceptable they may return it at the end of the 30 day trial and pay nothing but shipping back to us.

Will the LakeAir Classroom Air Purifier fix our issues?

We have tested the LakeAir Maxum in several classrooms. According to participants, school absenteeism was greatly reduced and the teaching and learning environment was enhanced. The classrooms smell cleaner.  Teachers and students found the classroom a nicer place to be. One student was using a rescue inhaler 5 times a day before the Maxum was installed. The first day with the new air purifier in the room the rescue inhaler was only used once. We have heard many stories like this from parents whose children have benefitted from our program. The LakeAir Classroom Air Purifier will make a positive impact on the IAQ of your school.

How do I get More Information?


If you are interested in learning more about this no obligation opportunity for clean air in your school contact Randy Bush, President RK Ventures Inc. He can be reached by phone at 262-632-1229. You can email him at [email protected]

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