Smoke Eater

LakeAir manufactures a quality Smoke Eater. Our products are used in restaurants, bars and more. They are simple to use and work great.

LAFC Flush Ceiling Mounted Smoke Eaters

The LAFC mounts flush to the ceiling in a 2′ x 4′ ceiling grid. These air purifiers are nearly invisible. They offer quite and effective indoor pollution control.

For volume air purification, The LAFC Electrostatic  air Purifier  can produce up to 900 CFM of clean air.  This Filtration type is 97% effective on particles to .01 microns. You should wash the electrostatic cell periodically. The cell will lasts for the life of the unit. The LAFC Electrostatic has a 4 stage air filtration system; Pre Filter / Particle Ionizer  /   High Voltage Particle Collector / Activated Carbon Filter

The LAFC Media Air Cleaner is our low price point offering. It has a disposable MERV 11 media filter. It has extended surface area, with cotton-polyester blend media, cardboard frame. This unit is suitable for commercial and residential buildings. You should inspect the filter seasonally. Replace the filter as needed . The LAFC Media has a 3 stage air filtration system; Pre Filter / MERV 11 Media Filter / Activated Carbon Filter. You can treat the Media filter with Mold Magnet. Mold Magnet increases the filters efficiency on mold, bacteria and viruses by up to 1000%.

The LAFC HEPA  offers 99.97% efficiency for smoke and other air borne particles to .03 microns. HEPA is considered by many professionals in the to be the top of the line. Our HEPA filters are certified to be true HEPA. The LAFC HEPA uses 2 powerful blowers to deliver an abundance of clean air to your customers and workers. The LAFC HEPA provides clean quiet air filtration  You will spend up to 60% less on replacement filters verses competitors models.

So much in so little space

The LAFC mounts in a 2 x 4 ceiling grid and only needs 11 inches of clearance. The LAFC weighs only 87 pounds. 4 (1/4 – 20) eye bolts help support it from the ceiling. A swing don panel allows easy access for filter maintenance. You can access the internal parts of the LAFC in this way. This powerful and nearly invisible pollution destroyer can clean the air in a room up to 45 x 45 4 times an hour. They are available in 4 different iterations;  HEPA, Electrostatic, and Media.

LAFC Smoke Eater Mounts in the Celing

LA Series Wall Mounted and Ceiling Hung Smoke Eaters

Commercial and Retail Smoke Eater

the LA1400 Electrostatic is a great entry level commercial smoke eater. It is perfect for smoking rooms and kitchens to 1500sq ft.  The LakeAir Electrostatic filtration cell gobbles up smoke and other indoor air pollution. You should wash the electrostatic periodically. The cell is 100% reusable. The LA1400 Electrostatic has a 4 stage air filtration system; Pre Filter / Particle Ionizer  /   High Voltage Particle Collector / Activated Carbon Filter. 

The LA-2000 provides the best performance as a smoke eater. It has a dual electrostatic cell configuration. The LA-2000 pumps out up to 2100 CFM of purified air for your industrial smoke eater needs. Welding and metal fabrication shops commonly use the LA2000. Many social venues rely on the LA-2000 to keep their air clean. Call to see if the LA2000 best smoke destroyer for your application. 

Smoke, fumes and gasses are the by product of many manufacturing processes. These facilities often need a more industrial approach to smoke control. LakeAir Industrial smoke eaters are a perfect fit for this niche. We have supplied air purification solutions for every process from fabric manufacturing to  to metal  fabrication. 

Smoke Eaters for your Home

Smoke Removal

The Excel personal smoke eater  is an electrostatic room air purifier well suited for the removal of smoke. The excel works well in a small room up to 15′ x 15′.  Using our powerful electronic filtering system, the air you breathe will be cleaner and healthier. The washable and reusable electronic filter cell removes  smoke from tobacco, medical marijuana or vape. It removes 97% of other indoor air pollution in a single pass

The Maxum Electrostatic Air Purifier removes smoke from your home in a room up to 24′ x 24′.  The Maxum uses a 3 stage filtering system to destroy smoke. The ionizer adds a negative charge to smoke particles. The collection plates trap the  smoke particles. The carbon filter removes odors and gases. The main filter is washable. It will last longer than it’s 7 year warranty. This home smoke eater will keep you free from smoke and the dangers associated with it.

This bundle includes everything to keep smoke and   odors  away for an entire year.  The permanent electrostatic cell does not need to be replaced. Take a few minutes to wash it. Presto,  it’s good as the day you first turned it on. To see how easy it is to clean this washable filter just watch this video. The bundle  includes (2) Super-max activated carbon filters. They  trap the odors from smoke for an extended amount of time. You receive total smoke and odor protection for under $550.00. On top of the low price we will include FREE shipping!

A smoke eater is used in the home for more than cigarette smoke. Cooking, burning candles, and many other everyday activities produce smoke.  Air purifying products control these pollutants in a home. A home smoke removal system can keep your family happy when your activities might cloud the air

More than Smoke

LakeAir air purifiers are great on smoke but they do so much more. Smoke is one of the thousands of pollutants that our products scrub from the air. Our products remove dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, dust mites, and a host of air pollution particles. Each unit has a activated carbon filter that removes gases, fumes and odors. No matter what you need to clean from the air, LakeAir products do the job for you.

Economical Use

Our commercial smoke eaters clean the air in your business establishments. Clean air helps retain valuable customers. These units can pay for themselves over time when compared to the high cost of makeup air. There is no reason to reheat or cool outside air when you have a healthy supply of clean air.  LakeAir products are manufactured in the USA. We use high grade components made of steel, aluminum, and tungsten instead of plastic. Our electrostatic units feature washable cells that do not need to be replaced. The electronics have a 7 year warranty and our built to last.

Other Places you will find a LakeAir Smoke Eater:

cigar bars – hookah lounges – bingo halls – VFW’s – FOE’s – bowling alleys- machine shops – automobile repair – vape shops- doctors exam rooms – electronic clean rooms –  makeup manufactures – money counting rooms –  banks – casinos – poultry processing – electrical testing labs bakeries –  FDA silicone tubing plants – mobile hospitals – and many many more.

 LakeAir, Clean Air Everywhere

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Commercial Grade Smoke Eaters

Commercial Smoke Eater

Commercial Electrostatic Air Purifiers are true smoke eaters. Our high pass through design allows LakeAir  electrostatic  air cleaners to gobble up ridiculous amounts of smoke. After the electronic cell decimates the smoke, the activated carbon filter removes the odor.

We offer 6 different smoke eating options depending on your room size and smoke volume. LakeAir smoke eaters are great, but every machine has its limits. Sometimes you might have to combine products to achieve the level of air purification to suit your specific smoke eating needs