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More Than a Brand

LakeAir, more than a brand

The beginning for us

This product is really more than a brand. Some 7 years ago we (Leigh and I ) got involved with the fine folks from LakeAir. The company has been around for over 40 years! We started out by helping them design a better website. From websites we moved to better product photography. Before long we were learning the ins and outs of the air purifier business.  Updating specifications sheets with new photos became our baby . We helped testing products to be sure they were still performing to specifications. We produced product and how to videos for the company. Next thing you know we were answering customer service calls. I personally handled the more difficult ones.  I like listening to people’s problems. It is satisfying to make their problems mine and then find good answers for them.

Skip forward a few years and there were health issues in the ownership’s  family. Leigh and I took on larger responsibilities. Poor health compounded by old age was slowly forcing a change in the management of LakeAir.  At that time they were corporately known as AirAware Inc. We had grown to love the brand. We poured so much of ourselves into the brand that we could not bare to see it disappear. Every week we would get notes from customers telling us how these air purifiers had improved and in some cases changed their lives. The stories told of a product that was lasting 20 years and longer. What surprised me most is that this correspondence came in from all over the Americas and Europe.

Making it Ours

In 2016 we bought LakeAir. Now we are blessed to be able to create products that help people. They can breathe cleaner and safer air at home and work. We personally work on building every unit. Together, we punch, bend, weld the materials into shape. Each unit is tested and carefully packaged  for sale. We love what we do and are here more hours than not. When we took over the company we came up with a slogan “LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere” It is our goal every day to keep making products and informing the public how clean air is so important in their world. We hope you will support our company and our efforts and make clean air a part of your life.

One of the ways we are trying to encourage the world to embrace clean air is through our “free air purifiers for schools” program. We hope that if educators, parents and students experience the benefits of cleaner air in the classroom they will work to improve the classroom environment for all children. According to the US Government Accounting Office and US Department of Education some states report having poor IAQ in approximately 24% of their schools. There is growing evidence that poor IAQ can produce verbal, perceptual, motor, and behavioral disabilities in children.

Summing it up

LakeAir has become more than a brand for us. LakeAir symbolizes a way of life. Clean air is one part of living a healthier life. Protecting your family from the growing indoor pollution problems we face at home, school and work is just one thing we can do. We need to hold others accountable for polluting our airways, rivers, streams and land. I hope you will join with Leigh and I in making our goal one for all people. Please understand this is more than a brand. I hope you will chime in when we say ” LakeAir ~ Clean Air Everywhere”.