Air Purifier information is something you expect from a  quality product manufacturer. Consumer education plays a vital role in promoting high quality air purification devices.  When a consumer understands what goes into a good product, he or she is more likely to purchase from a quality manufacturer.  LakeAir produces high quality long lasting air purifiers and the filters.

In this section of our website we will try to create a more and well-rounded consumer.  You can expect articles that teach about how a good air purifier is made and where it can be used.


We will provide in depth information on topics like the MERV chart and filter technology.  Not every consumer will desire this much information.  However, it is here for those who wish to have a better understanding about the products they purchase.

New Topics

If there is a topic you would like us to expound upon we ask that you send that request from our help page.  A link to the help page can be found here.

Below you will find links to some of the topics that the cover in this section of our website.  We thank you for visiting and ask you to remember our company motto: “LakeAir clean air everywhere”. 

The MERV Chart

Clean Air For Schools 

Indoor Air Quality

Filter Technolgy