Welcome Cigar Shop Owners and Managers !

We are looking to add 20 Cigar Shop Affiliates from the Attendees of the 2023 PCA Cigar Show in Las Vegas. We will be adding more affiliates later in the year and through other Cigar and Tobacco shows. Please fill out the form below to be considered for this great program. Raise your shop sales and clear the smoke out of the air. You can do this with no capital investment from you. Thanks for considering becoming a Cigar Shop Affiliate!

Interested in becoming a LakeAir Affiliate?

LakeAir is actively seeking to add Cigar Shop Owners to its Affiliate program. Some of the advantages of becoming a LakeAir Cigar Shop Affiliate are:

  • Providing your customers with a discount on quality smoke eaters.
  • Earn commissions on purchases made on the LakeAir website by your customers
  • Help increase your rank in search engines like Google, Bing  and Yahoo …etc
  • Get Free Cigar Air Purifier for  your cigar shop.
This program is not limited to Cigar shops. We welcome Pipe shops, Vape Shop, and Cannabis dispensaries 

Already an Afiiliate?

Affiliate Reseller's Information

If you are interested in becoming a LakeAir Affiliate Reseller, you can fill out the form below. You are welcome to give our President, Randy Bush a call as well. You can reach Mr. Bush at 262-632-1229 or email at [email protected]. We look forward to working with you in growing your sales and providing clean air options for your smoke loving friends.

How the Affiliate Program Works

After your application is accepted we will develop a landing page for your cigar shop on our website. When anyone visits that landing page they will have a cookie attached to their browser. That cookie does 2 things.

 (1) it gives the visitor a 5% discount on any product they buy on our website. That 5% discount is a real discount, We don’t run specials and adds. We don’t offer discounts through pop-ups adds. We don’t offer a discount for signing up for an emailing list. The discount you afford your customer is a real and valuable.

(2)  It tracks the purchases made by your customer, not just today but for weeks. If if they return tomorrow, we will know they came to us through your cigar shop and any purchases they make will give you a 10% commission. These commissions are paid automatically. You don’t have to claim them. We prefer to pay these directly to you through PayPal or Zelle.  

Receive a Demo Smoke Eater for your smoke shop.

To help you promote sales we will send you a free Demo Smoke Eater for your shop. Any smoke that enters the smoke eater filter will be trapped forever. This is the quality you can offer your cigar shop customers. You must display the Smoke Eater in a prominent place. This is a table top unit and will work well to help clean the smoke in your cigar smoking area. There will be a QR Code on top of the unit. You should encourage your customers to scan the code and visit your landing page on the LakeAir Website. From here they can purchase the same model you have in your shop or any of our other products. Cigar smokers have an automatic need for air purification products. Why not help them find the best Home Smoke Eaters made in the USA and earn commissions while you do it.

Free Smoke Eaters for cigar shop affiliate

The only thing we require from you is to regularly change both HEPA and Carbon filters. The cheapest way to do this, and really the only way we allow is with a filter subscription. This filter subscription has a cost of $250.00 every 6 months. It includes (1) HEPA filter which should be changed every 6 months and (2) carbon filters which should be changed every 3 months. We will contact you for your credit card information, which must be kept on file. The filters will be sent to you automatically to help remind you they need to be changed.  If you decided to discontinue using the smoke eater you must return it to us. After 3 years the unit is yours. We hope that you will continue to use this great smoke remover for many years.

Make Money through your Facebook and email campaigns.

Adding a link to your landing page on the LakeAir Website can generate extra income for your smoke shop. You trust LakeAir to remove the smoke in your cigar lounge, why not encourage to use the same products to protect their homes and loved ones. We will even help you develop graphics for your webpages, e-mails, Facebook  and Twitter accounts. We have a consultant who works with us and they can help organize your Facebook , Twitter and other social media campaigns to realize real growth through these important mediums.