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LakeAir Air Scrubber

LAAS Air Scrubber by LakeAir
LAAS Intake (showing an odor control filter)

LakeAir air scrubbers offer a versatile array of filtration types. Your needs are likely different than the next company or person down the road. We offer 5 different filtration types in two different air capacity classes. There are 13 standard filtration variations. Each one filling a slightly different need and budget. Prices range from $1450 to $2495.00.

LAAS-1600-MH 1500 CFM HEPA Air Scrubber

The LakeAir LAAS-1600-MH is the overall pick of contractors looking for a heavy-duty clean negative air machine. This unit provides 1100 CFM of negative air. It includes a MERV 2 Prefilter, MERV 14 High Capacity Pre Filter, 6-inch commercial-grade true HEPA, and activated carbon filtration.

 The MERV 2 Pre Filter traps large particles. The MERV 14 Pre Filter traps the bulk of dust and other air contaminants. The nearly clean air then travels to the 6 inch commercial HEPA filter. Here it is stripped of the rest of impurities. The now clean air moves through the carbon filter where odors are absorbed.

LakeAir LAAS negative air machine
LAAS Exhaust (2 1060 CFM Blowers power this unit)

LAAS-800 Series

The LAAS -800 provides between 200 to 1000 CFM of airflow. The Air flow varies with different filter configurations. This Air Scrubber has 13 filter variations to suit you exact needs. Filtrations types include High Density Media which has a large dust load capacity. True HEPA media is another popular choice. Electrostatic filtration is great for long term projects because it has a low cost of maintenance. Odor Controlling activated carbon is another option and it great when removing odors or VOCs are in order. The last filtration option is UV filtration to kill live organisms like bacteria and viruses.

LakeAir Air Scrubber

Capacity                        200-950 CFM

Voltage                          120 volts / 1.7 amps

Filtration                        Choose 2

MERV 14 High Density Media



Activated Carbon (odor control)

Ultraviolet / Carbon

LAAS-1600 Series

The LAAS-1600 Air Scrubbers provide double the airflow of the 800 series.  It has 13 different filter variations to provide you with the exact type of filtration for your project. The HEPA filter is available in 4 and 6-inch widths. This is a True HEPA Providing 99.97% efficiency to 0.3 microns. The Electrostatic filter is 97% efficient to 0.1 microns. The high capacity filter is MERV 14 and has an extra-large dust load size. The Ultra Violet filter kills bacteria and viruses. 

LakeAir Air Scrubber

Capacity                        800 – 1900 CFM
Voltage                          120 volts / 3 amps
Filtration                        Choose 2

MERV 14 High Density Media
Activated Carbon (odor control)
Ultraviolet / Carbon

Practical Applications

Air Scrubber for remote air filtration

A LakeAir Air Scrubber can be used for many applications. One of the neatest ideas is to use it to provide extra clean air from a remote location. Often times there isn’t room to mount an air purifier flush with the ceiling. Often you don’t want an air purifier hanging from the ceiling. You want your establishment to look pristine and have quiet clean air for your customers and staff.

Placing an LAAS-16000  above your restaurant or cigar bar might be just the right fit for your high class environment. The Air scrubber could be placed in an adjacent room. The powerful 1600 CFM blower can pull dirty air from your establishment and return clean air in a quiet and efficient manner.

We have designed systems to clean huge rooms. Imagine 60 air scrubbers in place to provide quiet clean air to a Casino floor.  The maintenance is done out of the site of customers. Keep your upscale operation running efficiently with a LakeAir products.

Air Scrubber Filters

The LAAS -800 has two filter slots. You choose what 2 filter types you want. This will depend on what you are trying to filter from the air. The most common filter for slot 1 is high-density MERV 14 Media. This filter holds a lot of particulate and filters out many fine particles.

Slot 1 can hold Media, Electrostatic, or HEPA. In rare cases it could hold Odor controlling carbon. Slot 2 can hold all 6 types of filtration. The beauty of this system is it allows you to mix and match the filtration type that work best for you.

5 types of Air Scrubber filtration

High Capacity Merv 14 Media

The MERV 14 media we use has over 60 square feet of media with a high dust load limit. This means you have to change out filters less. This media has a very low pressure drop. The pressure drop is under .30 wg. This filter is 75% efficient on particles 0.3 to 1 micron. It is 85% efficient on particles size 1 to 3 microns and 95% efficient on all larger particles.

This filter is great a a secondary prefilter. We say secondary because there are 2 filter screens before you get to filter slot 1. This filter could be used in both filter slot 1 and 2 and do a nice job of removing the majority of dust from a work area. As a prefilter it will allow secondary filter to removing the remaining particles with ease.

Electrostatic Precipitator Cell Filtration

Electrostatic precipitators  work by charging air particles as they pass through the first stage of the filter. In the second stage of the filter the dirt particles are trapped on collection plates. The dirt is trapped there until you wash it away during regular maintenance. These filters last a very long time and save you money in the end.

An Electrostatic Cell  is a great primary filter. It removes 97% of particle from the air. It is washable and therefor reusable. It offers a low cost of operation as you never have to replace it. The electrostatic cell shines when dirty air can be run through it several times. Choose this Filter type for long term projects where filter replacement costs outweigh initial cleaning efficiency.

True HEPA Filtration Media

A True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all dirt particles as small as 0.3 micron from the air. It is a tight weave of synthetic materials that trap just about anything you might want to rid from the air. It is the best technology to remove particles within a single pass.

For this reason HEPA is the most common filtration used in air scrubbers.  The filters are easily replaced. With a good pre-filter probably Media or Electrostatic, they will have a fairly long life.

Activated Carbon: Odor Control Media

Activated carbon is a natural odor absorber. Carbon granules have thousands of tiny crevices where odor molecules become trapped.  7 grams of activated carbon has a surface area size equal to 1 acre of land. We use virgin coconut shell carbon that is very good at removing the odors and VOCs commonly found in commercial applications. Other carbon and absorbents are available as well. If you have special needs we will provide a special media blend to remove stubborn VOCs problems. Most of the time a special blend of odor absorbents add no extra cost. 

The Carbon filter in a LakeAir negative air machine is 4.5 inches wide, weighing about 10 pounds. This filter does a great job removing odors and VOCs produced in many manufacturing processes. It can also help freshen air in remediation processes. The air coming from a water damaged area can be quite putrid. Use this filter to vastly improve air quality.

UV Filtration: Ultra Violet Light

UV filtration uses ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms in the air. As air passes through the UV chamber the viruses, bacteria and other live organisms  come into close proximity with UV-C rays and die. We use high quality lights spaced closely together to produce a high kill rate. The UV filter must be placed in the 2nd filter slot. The UV Cartridge also contains a 2 pounds activated carbon filter. This makes for a high level of clean regardless of the filter in slot number 1.