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Air Purifier in the Home

Tips To Position Your Air Purifier At Home

More and more people are turning to electrostatic room air purifiers to tackle deteriorating air quality in their homes. And why not? These are quite affordable, easy to maintain and install, and are environmentally friendly too. Unlike purifiers with HEPA filters which have to be replaced ever so often, electrostatic ones have permanent air filters. They […]

Why Indoor Dust Build-Up is Bad News for Your Health?

The dust particles sitting on your bookshelf and accumulating in the corners of the rooms surely seem an annoyance. After all, you need to wipe it, sweep it, or vacuum it off your furniture every day. But those tiny particles that make cleaning the house a challenge also adversely affect your health. As people have […]

Air Purifiers and Some Common Misconceptions

While staying indoors keeps you safe from cold winter air, it also exposes you to stagnant, unhealthy air. Dust builds up over time, pet hair and dander remain trapped, and unpleasant odors may lurk in spaces like the laundry room. That sums up to an unclean, harmful living environment. An air purification system is a […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining Your Air Purifier

With the air quality levels deteriorating each day, the day isn’t far where we would have to roam around in space with our heads covered with oxygen bubbles (like the one in the movie Wall-E). Even if you don’t get the movie reference, you know what we are talking about. Every being requires fresh air. […]