Clean Air and Cigars

Clean Air and Cigars a perfect Piar

Whether you sell or buy cigars, there are ways to do it better. You can make the cigar more enjoyable for yourself or for your customers. Clean air and cigars don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, at least not in a positive way. Truth be told, clean air makes a cigar more enjoyable. […]

Fixing Up an Older Home: Where to Start?

Fixing up a home

Older homes are full of character, but they can also be full of problems. If you recently bought an old house, you may be discovering a lot of deferred maintenance and issues you didn’t spot in the home inspection. With so much to be done, where do you start? Urgent Problems: What to Fix First […]

Benefits of an Air Purifier

Benefits of an Air Purifier

Top 3 Benefits of an Air Purifier We were asked by Home Air Guides to list what we believed the top 3 benefits of an air purifier were. The following is our answer to that interesting question: RK Ventures Inc. is a small 4 person endeavor manufacturing LakeAir brand air purifiers. I think our small […]

Brain Health in Seniors

Brain Health is affected by Air Pollution

The Effects Of Air Pollution On Brain Health In Seniors By Jackie Edwards As you might already know, air pollution can cause a myriad of health problems; and one of the biggest organs in the body that is affected by this predicament is the brain. As reported by The Dementia Epidemic, in every group of […]