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Bedroom Air Purifier

Five affordable air purifiers in the USA

Air purifiers promise to give out clean, pure air free of allergens and contaminants. An air purifier is a device that cleans and purifies indoor air. It’s typically fitted with a small fan that’s powered by a motor. As the air is drawn in, it goes through a filter that removes or reduces airborne particles […]

home sir purifier

Can Air Purifiers Improve Your Indoor Air Quality?

There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling of being able to breathe effortlessly, chiefly if you suffer from lung or heart problems. That’s where air purifiers play a significant role in making your life more comfortable. Did you know fixing an air purifier in your home or business can help you breathe better and improve your […]

weed smoke removal

How can air purifiers help with weed smoke?

As more nations approve leisure marijuana use, communities worldwide are looking for ways to decrease weed smoke odors. When weed smoke is released into the indoor atmosphere and floods into the environment, it can severely impact the quality of this atmosphere. The combination of weed smoke has several chemicals and compounds, some of which are […]

weed smoke removal

5 Best Air Purifiers for Weed Smoke

Are you a heavy smoker and have business partners/friends always stranded in your home who also smoke as you? Are you worried about the smoke entering every corner of your household, which will eventually make it hard for your family to breathe? At LakeAir, we understand your concerns and don’t want you to stress about […]