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What is the Best Carbon Filter for Cannabis?

Cannabis Crop Photo

Hemp, Marijuana or Cannabis, it all stinks

Growing cannabis is legal in many places. However , the smell of this medicinal plant is not always welcome.  As the popularity of this crop grows so does the desire to help it fit into everyday life.  At LakeAir we are noticing a new focus on how to control the odors associated with it. 

Regular carbon  media removes cannabis odors to a degree. There are technological advancements in carbon filter media that have made new products available. 

New Cannabis Odor Control

LakeAir is proud to introduce a new level of Cannabis  Odor Control. Whether you smoke pot, grow marijuana  or produce any of a number of hemp products, we have the filter for you. Our Cannabis Odor Control Filters use a  media blend  that removes terpenes & teraponids produced from cannabis plants. It does an exceptional job on all aspects of cannabis odor removal.

Our friends at Hydrosil have made this product available to us so we can better serve the need of this specific product niche. This blend is available in all of our premium carbon filter products. We have 5 air purifier models that  can  take advantage of this cannabis odor control media.

Small Room Pot Odor Control

Excel Cannabis Odor air purifier
Excel Cannabis Odor Filter

Growing, harvesting or enjoying, the Excel Cannabis air purification system will  work in a room up to 15′  X 15′  for only $295.00. This air purifier has both a merv 11 media filter and a cannabis odor carbon control filter. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for discreet enjoyment of your craft or hobby. 

Specialty Filters