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Natural Gas Stoves and Indoor Air Pollution: A Cause for Concern?

Are gas stoves dangerous for IAQ

New York Passes a Law Banning Natural Gas Stoves The New York Legislature passed a measure that will ban fossil fuel burning appliances on Tuesday, May 2 2023. This law will be phased in over the coming years. There are likely to be challenges and amendments to the law as it moves forward. The ban […]

LakeAir Attends the Chicago Pipe Club Show.

LakeAir Attends the 2023 Chicago Pipe Club Show

Cleaning Pipe Smoke from the Air LakeAir, an American air purifier manufacturer, was thrilled to attend the 2023 Chicago Pipe Club Show. The event, which took place from April 27th to April 30th, brought together pipe smoking enthusiasts from all over the country to showcase their love for this age-old tradition. The event, which is […]