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Businesses Investing In Air Purifiers in 2021: What You Need To Know

Using air purifiers has been in practice at homes and in a wide range of businesses. Incorporating these air filters into your workplace or commercial establishments can help keep your customers and employees healthy and prevent unwanted particles from lingering in the air. If you seek an outright solution to your workplace’s air quality condition, consider buying a wall mounted air purifier from Lake Air. It’s not simply a purchase but an investment to reap the long-run benefits. Before you purchase this system, here’s a quick rundown about why you would need a wall mounted air purifier.

Why Do Businesses Require Air Purification?

There are several reasons for any company to invest in an air purification system. Various businesses use air purification to promote a healthier environment for employees and customers. According to a survey by Statista, employees took an average of five days off from work as sick leaves as of 2017. 2020 being the pandemic-hit year, it has been different for almost all the companies in terms of leaves and leverages. The time taken off costs both the employers and the employees in terms of lost productivity and decreased paid leaves. By eradicating any chances of employees getting sick, you can increase work efficiency round-the-year.

For some businesses, a wall mounted air purifier is considered essential equipment. Cannabis dispensaries, hair salons, and machine shops, to name just a few, fall in this category. Fumes and contaminants in the air are only a part of their normal course of operations that should be removed to avoid hazardous working conditions. On the other hand, some businesses also choose to utilize air purifiers because their workers may have unique health-related concerns. Especially with those who have chemical sensitivities, asthma, or COPD, may require wall mounted air purifier to steer clear from air pollutants and remain fully productive.

What Air Purifiers Qualify?

Assuming you are looking for a wall mounted air purifier exclusively for business use, only systems that have HEPA filters qualify. This gives businesses that work in harsh air conditions an excellent filtered-out quality of work environment by removing the smallest of particles from the air (even the nanoparticles). The commercial-grade air purifiers at LakeAir provide a broad-spectrum possibility to keep your employees healthy in a small or large workspace. The product comes with a 7-year warranty, which means we offer products that have a long service life. The wall mounted air purifier can be mounted with the ceiling, wall, or on a cart. We’ve got air purifiers that will meet all your company’s needs.

Buying a commercial-grade air purifier? Before you do, consider all the factors essential to your business and its employees, and select only a “real commercial air purification system” for actual results!

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