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Discontinued Models

Discontinued Models LakeAir has recently discontinued certain product models. While these models are no longer available on our website you can still get parts for them in our parts section. It is our intent to carry parts for these discontinued models for the next 25 years. Although these model are not available on the website […]

You Should Purchase Air Purifiers for Your House If You Notice These Signs

As you might be aware, air purifiers are becoming a common part of people’s houses. There was a time when homeowners used to look at air purifiers with some doubt. However, with time, we have realized that air purifiers are indispensable for living a healthy life. If you haven’t yet purchased one for your house, […]

Thumbs up for air quality

Things to Consider When Buying An Air Purifier

Things to Consider When Buying An Air Purifier Buying an air purifier is a necessity these days. With all the wildfires and deteriorating air quality index, scientists estimate that bad AQI could also affect the average life span and the quality of life that people enjoy. Buying a good air purifier is a simple fix […]

Eco-Friendly Smoke Eaters

Eco Friendly Solutions for a Cigar Lounge

Hello, my name is Kim, my husband of 15 years really likes his cigars. I guess I don’t mind them to much if he smokes them outside. Here in northern Georgia, it gets a bit cold in spring. We even had snow on March 12th. My husband has been telling me its to cold outside […]