Commercial Smoke Eater That Really Works

Barclay Tobacco

When You Need a Smoke Eater that Really Works On a cold February night in Columbus Ohio Darrin and his business partners in Barclay’s Pipe Tobacco and Cigar were going over the products they needed to make their new shop work. On the top of their list was a way to keep the air clear […]

Key Things Homeowners Should Know About Dust Buildup In Homes

Dust in your home is a sign of bad indoor air quality

There is not a single home where dust buildup does not occur. The presence of small particles of skin flakes and natural debris can make a space dusty. It is essential for homeowners to make sure that the level of dust in their house does not go up as it has the potential to cause […]

Scented Candles Add to Indoor Air Pollution

scented candles add to indoor air pollution

Scented Candles Add to Indoor Air Pollution: Smoke Eater to the Rescue ! A bit of vanilla, zest of lemon, some autumnal cinnamon, irresistible caramel, and some exhilarating mocha to uplift your mood- who doesn’t like scented candles anyway, especially around the holiday season?  With more than 1 billion pounds of wax being used for […]

Canna-blend Filters Remove Cannabis odors

cannabis Image

Canna-blend Filters at LakeAir At LakeAir, we offer many filtration options. No matter what purpose our customers are using the air purifiers for, there’s always a perfectfit for them. One specific type is the canna-blend. Do you smoke marijuana in your home and get tired of the odors? Then this filter isperfect for you. It […]