Cigar Shops are Growing their Business with LakeAir

Interactive map of Cigar Shops Using LakeAir Smoke Eaters

Surge in Cigar Shop Growth. Over the past several weeks we have seen a surge in new cigar shop openings.  Along with a surge in new shops we are seeing many established shops upgrading their air purification equipment. According to Grand View Research  The Cigar market growth looks to be over 7%  for the time […]

Start Fresh: LakeAir Provides Air Purification for new Cigar Shops

Quincey's Cigar Lounge North Las Vegas in contruction mode

LakeAir is Helping New Cigar Shops Open We field several calls each week from busnesses and individuals who want too open a cigar shop or maybe convert a room in their home into a smoking room. No matter what your smoking related project is you can count on LakeAir. We can provide you with tools […]

Is the Air in your Home Triggering your Allergies

Is the air in your home triggering your allergies? What is in the air in your home? Many of the allergens that are classified as “outdoor allergies” are also found in the home. Because of this symptoms for indoor allergies are much like those for outdoor allergies. Some common allergy symptoms include repetitive sneezing, itchy […]

Breathe Fresh Air, Not Pet Hair

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Breath Fresh Air, Not Pet Hair Adding a pet to your family can fill your life and home with limitless amounts of love and happiness. Unfortunately, most pets will also bring what feels like a limitless amount of pet hair, dander, and odors into your home as well. Pet owners often find themselves asking the […]