Tips To Position Your Air Purifier At Home

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More and more people are turning to electrostatic room air purifiers to tackle deteriorating air quality in their homes. And why not? These are quite affordable, easy to maintain and install, and are environmentally friendly too. Unlike purifiers with HEPA filters which have to be replaced ever so often, electrostatic ones have permanent air filters. They simply have to be cleaned periodically for the best filtration results.

While an electrostatic room air purifier ensures the good health of your family and gives you peace of mind, it is important to take into account its placement when you bring it home. This plays a critical role in determining its effectiveness in purifying and enhancing indoor air quality.

To get the most out of your purification system, keep these pointers in mind while positioning it so that you can reduce your exposure to harmful air contaminants:

1. Even the most high-end purifiers need a consistent, uninterrupted flow of air to work well. Ensure that you do not place your purifier under furniture or too close to walls and other objects. Obstructions will not allow it to absorb and release air as it is supposed to. In such a case, a small amount of clean air will be released from the system and less air will be sucked in. To prevent this, place your system at least 2 feet away from objects so that the inlet as well as the outlet can work effectively.

2. Your next course of action should be to identify the pollution source. Does dust flow into your room from vents or windows? Do you have a cat litter box or a carpet in a high traffic area? Or is the main problem cooking smells from the kitchen? Once you have pinpointed the issue, ensure that you position your system near the contamination area. This will help to neutralize the problem in question. Moreover, it will facilitate the absorption of contaminants well before they spread in your entire home.

3. To ensure the safety of your family and pets, take proper care to place the purifier in an area that doesn’t receive a lot of footfall. This reduces the risk of falling or tripping over the device’s cable. However, if this is of particular concern to you, consider placing it on a table or wall-mount. Regardless of the type and size, make sure that you do not place it too close to other electronic devices or in corners.

There’s already so much pollution outside, so why tolerate the same when you’re in your abode? Follow these tips to breathe in clean, healthy air when you’re in the company of your loved ones. For reliable, heavy-duty electrostatic room air purifiers for homes and office spaces, check out our offerings today.