Top Air purifiers for 2021 – made in USA

Nowadays, there are different kinds of air purifiers readily available in supermalls. But, when there are so many brands to choose from, it can get quite challenging and confusing to convince yourself to settle in for the best and affordable air purifiers. At LakeAir, we believe that an American-made air purifier has many advantages to offer because they are made in licensed laboratories by the governing bodies. For instance, air purifiers made in the USA are Energy Star certified, CARB-compliant, and AHAM-verified. This means you’ll avail a high-quality air purifier that is safe and eco-friendly.

Air purifiers made in the USA are well-known and established purifiers worldwide, so if your air purifier malfunctions or breaks down, you can effortlessly get customer service on the go! The search can be difficult if you are confused about which brand of air purifiers to buy. Here in this blog, we genuinely care about your healthier air choices, so we specially selected two of the most reliable air purifiers made in the USA that every homeowner must-have.

The LA-2000 Industrial Air Purifier 

LA-2000 Industrial Air Purifier

The LA-2000 Industrial Air Purifier offers high clean air output using two collecting cells that provide over 26,000 square inches of accumulating area for superior air filtration. Did you know that LakeAir cells are made of high-quality, non-corrosive materials to allow numerous user cleanings? Well, our electrostatic cells are durable; some of our cells have been in service for 30+ years and still work flawlessly. The electrostatic cells can be cleaned in the LA-99 emulsifying cleanser. All in all, this air purifier offers the best performance in air cleaning using a dual electrostatic cell configuration. It can defeat the competitors with a double filter surface. This reliable air purifier is utilized in industrial settings such as welding, plasma, and metal fabrication. It’s also great in smokey bars.

Besides, the LA-2000 can be used in commercial places such as cafes, hotels, clubs, bars, casinos, ballrooms, and bowling alleys to desire fresh and clean air. It comes with a 7 year limited warranty.

The Maxum HEPA Air Purifier

Maxum HEPA air purifier

Maxum HEPA air purifier is a commercial air purifier for the home having a larger capacity than other retail units. It has an 18 gauge steel body and delivers up to 500 CFM of True HEPA Air Purification. This unit is a benchtop model and will work well in welding and soldering stations. 

The variable speed controller allows the customer to adjust the unit to the exact amount of airflow to keep the work area free from smoke and dust. Since Covid-19, this air purifier is in high demand, especially in schools providing high-quality air purification in the classrooms. If you own a school and look for the best air purifiers made in the USA, this is perfect for you. You can now also avail of our products through Grainger, MSC, McMaster-Carr, and Global industrial. To ensure you get the best and affordable air purifiers, contact our experienced team of professionals about pre-ordering to return to school. Maxum HEPA comes with a carbon filtration that can easily remove odor and smoke. It is excellent for private smoking rooms to have the ability to clean the air several times an hour. 

If you’re looking for a high-quality air purifier made in the USA, then we’ve got your back! We have bought you the best two brands, which are not only American-made but they’re also highly-certified, well-tested, and are of high quality with their parts and technology to ensure that your indoor air stays clean. At LakeAir, we form American Steel and Aluminum into parts in our plant in Racine, Wisconsin. We source parts we cannot make from local suppliers and use American labor to manufacture the best and affordable air purifiers possible for many years to come. 

Are you looking for an American-made air purifier that will leave your home feeling fresh without any allergens for a long time? Give us a call on 800-558-9436, and we will work with you to get you the ideal Air purifiers made in the USA that suits your needs.