Pets add so many good things to our lives. Unfortunately they also add some not so good things to the air in our homes. Pet Dander, Pet Hair and Odors top the list. Its not always clear how we should handle these indoor air pollution problems. We created a tool to help pet owners understand just how much air purification they need.

The problem is that each pet is different. One person owns 3 cats, another has 1 dog that hardly sheds at all.  our tool allows you to enter the number of pets you own, whether they shed or if they tend to be stinky. The numbers and product suggestions are just that, “suggestions based on your approximated need “

How to Use the Pet Air Purifier Calculator

  1. The first thing to do is enter the dimensions of the space your pet occupies.  Some people keep there pets (like birds) in a very confined space. Cats seem to cruise all over the house. A good idea is to enter the dimensions of the area where your pet spends the most time, or maybe where you would like to have extra control over the pet issues. Exact dimensions are not overly important, but the more accurate your entry, the better the advice will be. Enter the length, width and ceiling height so the calculator knows the size of the area.
  2. The second question we have is how many pets do you have? This question applies to pets with fur or feathers.  Don’t enter the number of white mice you have. 2 small birds might equal one pet. Be a little creative. This tool is not perfect but it will provide useful and accurate information if used properly.
  3. Let us know if your pets are heavy shedders, or if your birds molt a lot. We offer you a simple yes or no choice here. Future versions of this pet air purifier calculator may have more options. For now let’s keep it simple. A  simple yes or no will do.
  4. The next question deals with pet odor. Odors require more air purification then pet hair. Pet hair is big and is easily captured. Odors are gasses and the carbon filters that remove them tend to be thinner. For this reason you need more air changes per hour to remove pet odors form the air in your home. Again this is a simple yes or no question.

As you fill out the form the number of CFM (cubic feet per minute of air purification) you need and the suggested LakeAir product will change. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations. This might help you decide to, or not to, adopt that 6th kitten. We want to say once again that the results given are suggestions. We hope you will enjoy our Pet Air Purifier Calculator.