Carbon Filter

Replacement Carbon Filters

All LakeAir Air Purifiers use carbon filters. Most models  have multiple carbon filters available. The section below lists our carbon filters available for LakeAir models. Need a carbon filter for a non-LakeAir model? You can order custom filters. See our Custom Carbon Filter section.


Search for Carbon Filters by Model

Excel, Maxum and CM2-RC2 Carbon Filters

Maxum Carbon Filter Subscriptions

This Filter Subscription Plan will send you (2) 499024 LAFC Super Carbon  Filters Every 6 months. Your credit card will be billed at time of shipping. This price includes shipping. You can Cancel at anytime.

  • $90.00 Every 6 months
  • Save 15%
  • Free Shipping
  • You May qualify for a free Extended Warranty

This Filter Subscription Plan will send you (2) 499158 Maxum Cannablend Filters Every 6 months. Your credit card will be billed at time of shipping. This price includes shipping. You can Cancel at anytime.

  • $90.00 Every 6 months
  • Save 15%
  • Free Shipping
  • You May qualify for a free Extended Warranty

LAFC Carbon Filters

LAFC Carbon Filter Subscription Plans

LAFC Super Carbon

Odor Removing Carbon filter available by subscription 499039-fsp

This Filter Subscription Plan will send you (2) 499039 LAFC Super Carbon Filters Every 6 months. Your credit card is billed at the time of shipping. This price includes shipping. You can Cancel at anytime.

  • $150.00 Every 6 months
  • Save 15%
  • Free Shipping
  • You May qualify for a free Extended Warranty

LA1400 | LA2000 | LA2 Carbon Filters

The LA Ultra Carbon Filter
  • LA2 Ultra 3.0 Carbon Filter 
  • 499169
  • 16 x 20 x 3.15
  • Heavy odor removal
  • $185.00

MAX-Guard and WM-RC2 Carbon Filters

  • MAX-G / WM  Carbon Filter 
  • 499075
  • 16 x 20 x 1.54
  • odor removal
  • $84.95

  • MAX-G / WM  Cannablend Filter 
  • 499146
  • 16 x 20 x 1.54
  • Cannabis odor removal
  • $84.95

LAD1814 & LAD2214 Carbon Filters

  • LAD1814 Furnace Filter Carbon
  • 499090
  • 16 x 20 x  .375
  • standard Odor Control
  • $38.00

Carbon and Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are the best method to remove VOCs and 0dors from the air. LakeAir Carbon filters are made from virgin coconut shell carbon. Coconut shell carbon is one of the best carbons for removing the smells and gasses that we are likely to come across in our everyday lives. We also have other VOC absorbing media that we blend with carbon for special  applications. Many times this custom blending is done at no extra charge. 

Standard Carbon Filters (carbon impregnated material)

The standard carbon filters are made from a special non-woven polyester that has been saturated with carbon dust. This process is done with different densities of carbon and pressure. The result is a lightweight material that allows air to pass through easily while allowing gasses and odors to be absorbed from the air stream. The standard carbon filter offers reasonable odor control. 

These filters are lightweight and will last 2-6 months depending on the amount of VOCs that are present in the air. Once a carbon filter has absorbed all the odor it can it should be discarded. Carbon filters cannot be washed and re-used.

Standard LakeAir Carbon Filter

Granular Carbon Filters

Close up of a LakeAir carbon filter

Granulated carbon provides a higher volume of carbon for more odor and VOC absorption. LakeAir Super and Ultra Carbon Filters use a traditional carbon filter designed. One or more honeycomb cores are coated with an ultra-fine mesh to contain carbon crystals. Each core is filled with a proper amount of carbon. A second mesh is applied and the filter is mounted in a galvanized steel frame. The resulting filter provides excellent odor and VOC control.

Air passes over the irregular shaped carbon crystals. As the air tumbles over and through the carbon bed the highly reactive virgin carbon absorbs the gas molecules in the air stream. Like a standard carbon filter, a granular carbon filter should be thrown away after it has removed all the odors it can.

Carbon Filter Uses

A brief list of some of the VOCs your carbon filter will remove: acetone, formaldehyde, radon, paint fumes, pesticides, refrigerants, air fresheners, glues, spray lubricants, adhesive fumes, dry cleaning solvents, fabric cleaners, colognes, perfumes, rubbing alcohol, hair spray, tar, contact cement, benzene, toluene, xylene, methane, cooking odors, flatulence, smoke, and many many more.

About Carbon

Activated Carbon has been around since 1500 years before the birth of Christ. Egyptians used it in absorbing unpleasant odors. Activated carbon is made from carbon. The carbon is the treated with oxygen. This treatment results in cracks and fissures within the carbon structure. Millions of pores line the surface of the now activated carbon. Activated carbon has a huge surface area. As gasses pass over the surface odor molecules are trapped. This process is referred to as absorption

Carbon Structure

Effective Odor Removal

LakeAir's Carbon structure comparison

The key to removing odors is activated carbon . Activated Carbon is incredibly porous, Its surface is made up of countless nooks and crannies. 1.3 grams of activated carbon (see image left) has a surface area are equal to 1 Acre of land in size. Odor molecules attach themselves to the surface of the carbon. Here they are trapped. LakeAir activated carbon filters are your key to removing odors in your home and business.

There are over 150 types of activated carbon. LakeAir carbon filters use high-quality carbon manufactured specifically for the removal of smoke odor and other common gasses and VOCs.

Some VOCs like TCE (dry cleaner fluid) are more likely to be absorbed by potassium permanganate impregnated zeolite. At LakeAir we have the ability to produce sophisticated carbon blends to better handle odors and VOCs for special applications

Custom Carbon Filters

Customizing the media blend within a filter is no problem. In most cases there is NO extra charge. If you know what media blend you need we can order the proper products and add them to your LakeAir carbon filters. If you don’t know exactly what blend you need, let the customer service people at LakeAir know what VOCs you need to remove. We will contact our media manufacturer and they will prescribe and exact media blend for your project.

Custom Carbon Filter Sizes

If you have a unique application for VOC removal and you need custom carbon filter sizing, just ask your LakeAir rep for pricing. We have the ability to create both standard and granular carbon filters to fill your needs. There maybe minimum order requirements for custom sizing.