Pet Air Purifier Calculator

Pet Air Purifier Calculator Pets add so many good things to our lives. Unfortunately they also add some not so good things to the air in our homes. Pet Dander, Pet Hair and Odors top the list. Its not always clear how we should handle these indoor air pollution problems. We created a tool to […]


Pre-Filter The pre filter is the first step in producing the highest grade of clean air in LakeAir commercial models. These filters are cleanable but due to the environment in which they are often used its not uncommon to need to replace them. These pre filters do a great job in knocking down larger particles […]

How to Fix an Arcing Electrostatic Cell

How to Fix an Electrostatic Cell that is Arcing. If your electrostatic air purifier is making a constant snapping sound, it can be very annoying. By their very nature they should snap and arc occasionally. This is most common when they are first turned on or when you have introduced some new particles into the […]