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Smart School Air Purifier Choices

Making Smart Choices in School Air Purifiers Today’s big question is what air purifier should I have in my school. I field many questions like this every week. Educators and administrators are looking for answers and all they are getting is  a sales pitch. As a manufacturer and seller of air purification equipment it is […]

Air Purifier in the Home

Tips To Position Your Air Purifier At Home

More and more people are turning to electrostatic room air purifiers to tackle deteriorating air quality in their homes. And why not? These are quite affordable, easy to maintain and install, and are environmentally friendly too. Unlike purifiers with HEPA filters which have to be replaced ever so often, electrostatic ones have permanent air filters. They […]

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar Ionization Product Overview Bipolar ionizers have been around for decades. They have become more popular recently.  This product generates ions by introducing a high voltage field in an air stream. These Ions have a general life from 30 to 300 seconds. An ion is a molecule or atom that is positively or negatively charged, […]

air purifier smoke eater

Smoke Eater – Cigarette, Weed Smoke Eater for your home

Do you have close friends who smoke regularly, and you cannot resist calling them over to your home for the weekend? Does the thought of smoke lingering in your home always bother you? If you smoke in your home or are anxious about a smoker in your home, then a home smoke eater is necessary. […]