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air purifier smoke eater

Smoke Eater – Cigarette, Weed Smoke Eater for your home

Do you have close friends who smoke regularly, and you cannot resist calling them over to your home for the weekend? Does the thought of smoke lingering in your home always bother you? If you smoke in your home or are anxious about a smoker in your home, then a home smoke eater is necessary. […]

Air Purifier for Smoke Removal

The Benefits of Using an Air Purifier for Smoke Removal

Today, smoke in homes is one of the most significant health issues you can have indoors. Although this dilemma is becoming less common, this issue persists. It’s not just connected to cigarettes, as wildfire smoke is also becoming a massive concern over the years. We at LakeAir, believe in fighting this issue by educating you […]

Can a Portable Air Purifier Protect You From COVID-19?

Ever since scientists and health organizations from around the world raised the possibility of airborne transmission of COVID-19, the importance of having an indoor air purification system, such as portable air purifiers, has skyrocketed, primarily because most people now spend most of the day indoors. However, not many people are concerned about investing in an […]

4 Signs That Tell You To Replace Your Air Filters

Most people don’t think about the filters of their air purification for a long, long time after getting the system installed. That is a big mistake given the performance of the system has a lot to do with the filters. Just investing in commercial grade or industrial air cleaners won’t do the job alone; you […]