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Cigars and cutter

Protecting Your Rights to Smoke

Your cigar business needs a cigar air purifier. As of January 2, 2019, 5019 municipalities in the United States have laws in effect that restrict where smoking is allowed. While there are so many places where you can’t smoke, there are exceptions to these rules. You can even smoke in certain public places in California.  The battle over smokers and business rights rages on. What can you do to keep your smoking haven safe from extinction? The main thing you need to do is act responsibly.

Don’t allow your smoking to be a nuisance. A cigar air purifier can help your business stay in business. If you control the smoke and odor you won’t have complaints. Whether you have a cigar bar or a man cave, acting responsibly is the best course of action. All LakeAir Electrostatic Air Purifiers are smoke eaters. They can help you continue to be allowed to smoke for fun or profit.

Ordinances and Responsible Behavior

Many places where smoking is allowed are governed by local ordinances. In the State of Ohio, family owned businesses may allow smoking if several criteria are met. Smoke from a smoking room must be contained. It cannot be allowed to move to adjacent spaces. A good cigar air purifier is part of the system that makes this possible. Most localities have laws that can force you to comply with clean air standards. Get ahead of the problem.

Be proactive in your approach to smoke control. Employ smoke removal technology including air purification and makeup air. Provide a space where your guests are protected from unwanted air pollution. Contain and control your smoke from disturbing neighbors and visitors.   

Cigars, Vape and Hookah

17.4 million Americans smoke cigars. 10.8 Million Americans vape e-cigarettes. 3.5 million US residents enjoy smoking with a Hookah. All of these products are smoked at home and in social venues. Cigar bars, hookah lounges and vape shops have to control the smoke and odor to stay in business. LakeAir has several products, like cigar air purifiers that can keep you below the radar and even bring you into compliance. If you eliminate the nuisance of smoke you avoid the problems that come with complaints.

Cigar Smoke Air Purifiers

Millions of people like to smoke cigars. Cigars are a gaining popularity  in the US. Finding the right air cleaning solution is easy. We offer 4 models that will eliminate cigar smoke. You can combine our products to fit the needs of your individual situation. We have 3 platforms of air cleaners.

Ceiling Mounted Units

The LakeAir LAFC mounts flush to the ceiling. It easily fits into a 2’ x 4’ drop ceiling grid. It can be set in a plaster or metal ceiling. The LAFC requires 11 inches of clearance. Our ceiling mounted units are available in HEPA, MERV 11 and Electrostatic filtration. Each filtration type has its pluses and minuses. These air purifiers are versatile and work in many different places.

2 Ways to Mount a LAFC

Ceiling Hung Models

The LA2000 and LA1400 are designed to hang from the ceiling or be mounted on a wall. They use a radial fan design to move high volumes of air. They have an industrial feel and work well in larger spaces. The LA2000 cigar air purifier is particularly well suited where heavy smoke volumes are found. They have an industrial origin and perform with industrial strength. The LA1400 is well suited for a smaller venue. HEPA, MERV 11 and Electrostatic filtrations is available across this model mix.

The LA200 Hangs from the ceiling to clean air.

Table Top Units

The Maxum is a table top cigar air purifier. The Excel can filter cigar smoke on a smaller volume. These air cleaners are great in the home. They work perfectly in a secluded nook in a cigar bar. The best air purifying solution is often a mixture of models and technologies.  Our table top models are available in HEPA, Media (merv11) and Electrostatic. All LakeAir models include activated carbon filters for odor and VOC removal,

Enjoy a Cigar

Cigar Air Purifier for Your Home and Business

Kitchen Size     15′ x 15′

Filtration           Electrostatic / MERV 11

MSRP                 $425.00            $283.00

BLK / WHT / Woodgrain / Brushed Alum

Kitchen Size     25′ x 25′

Filtration           HEPA / Electrostatic / MERV 11

MSRP                 $700.00 / $550.00 /  $438.00

        BLK / WHT / Woodgrain / Brushed Alum

Kitchen Size     30′ x 30′

Filtration           Electrostatic    /   MERV 11

MSRP                 $1395.00            $1199.00

Black  / White

Ceiling Hung or Wall Mounted 

Kitchen Size    40′ x 40′

Filtration           HEPA     /    Electrostatic 

MSRP                 $1845.00       $1845.00

Black    / White

Ceiling Hung or Wall Mounted 

  • Kitchen Size   35’x 35′
  • filtration HEPA  / Electrostatic /  MERV 11 / Dual Blower
  • MSRP   $1645.00  /$1545.00 / $1500.00 / $1845.00
  • Mounts flush to the ceiling in a 2′ x 4′ drop ceiling grid.