Cigar Lounge Smoke Removal Calculator

Air Purification Equipment for a cigar lounge is a sizeable investment. To help you determine how much smoke removal volume you need we have developed different calculators. This is a robust tool that takes much more into account than calculators found on other websites.  In case you want to get into the calculations right away we present the calculator first. Detailed instructions follow below the calculator.

Dynamic Calculator

This calculator is “dynamic” meaning as you enter and change information, the calculator displays new results. This is very useful in comparing operating costs as you size your air purification system.

5  Steps to Learning  how much air purification is needed


Smoking Area Size (dimensions)

(1) Enter the size of your shop. This information should be entered in the number of feet. You will enter the smoking area’s length, width and ceiling height. If the ceiling is sloped,, enter the average height. The areas square footage is shown in the right most display. If there are rooms in this area that don’t need air purification reduce the size by that amount. Don’t worry if you are a little off.  This tool is to give you approximates. We can always adjust the final figures later.

Ventilation Calculator Room Dimensions

Air Purification / Ventilation Split

(2) Adding ventilation to the air purification mix is a new trend.  By adding ventilation you can reduce the cost of air purification equipment.  A Slider is provided for this selection, the slider is broken down in increments of 5%. The more Air Purification you choose the higher your initial cost of equipment will be. There will also be a higher cost in filter maintenance. On the other hand the more Ventilation you choose the higher your HVAC bills will be. In some cases local ordinances may limit how much smoke you can evacuate to the outside of your building. in still other cases it may not be possible to vent your smoke outside at all.

Many website visitors leave this setting alone. Being this is a dynamic calculator you can always adjust this option later and see how it affects your equipment cost

Ventilation Calculator air purification vs ventilation split slider section

Level of Cleanliness

ACH (air changes per hour) is the standard used to measure the level of cleaning provided by an air purifier or room ventilation device. The standards use on this web page are a combination of recommendations of ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers and Industry professionals like NAFTA, PCA, BCA, along with air purifier manufacturers and their customers. ACH is an important component in determining the volume of air purification needed.

(3) Choose a level of air purification. You have 4 choices,10-13 ACH (air changes per hour) is the default and the minimum level that is acceptable in any smoking establishment. This level will remove a good bit of smoke but expect a smoky haze as your shop fills with smokers. 14-16 ACH will remove the smoke pretty well even when your shop is moderately busy. 17-20 ACH is the level where there is enough smoke and odor removal to keep most customers and shop owners happy. At this level of air purification, your shop air is clean and only gets hazy when you are very busy. 21-25 ACH  gives your shop very clean air.  Running your air purifiers at this level will likely make your shop the cleanest in the area. 

Ventilation Calculator Air Quality Selector

Background Noise

(4) For some shop owners the amount of background noise created by the air purification is not an issue, others want their shops to be quiet. The 4th choice on the calculator chooses a noise level. The calculator adds a percentage of CFM to the total needed based on your choice. “No Adjustment for Background Noise” calculates your air purification & ventilation needs based on running your equipment a full speed. This setting represents the loudest) background noise. Moderate Background Noise,  calculates your required air volume +46%. This will allow you to have your desired cleaning level with 25% of the noise. The 3rd level of noise reduction adds 75% more cleaning volume to your total requirement. This amount of air purification will allow you to operate at your prescribed air quality level and provide a 50% noise reduction. The highest level of noise reduction shown in our calculator is 75%. At this level of noise reduction it will take 150% more cleaning volume to achieve the 75% noise reduction. The Calculator also provides a you with an example of  this sound level in real world terms. 

Ventilation Calculator Background Noise Selector

Choosing a Filtration Type

(5) In this section you can choose a filtration type. You will notice as you choose different filtration types you the  equipment cost and filter maintenance cost changes. Each filtration type has its pluses and minuses.

  • MERV 15  has a lower filter replacement cost but only removes 90+% of the smoke. It save you money at the cost of dirtier air.
  • HEPA gives you the cleanest air but carries a higher cost of filter replacement.
  • Electrostatic saves you money on filter replacement costs, but it requires frequent cleaning. The cleaning level starts at 97% but that efficiency drops as time goes by. We estimate the efficiency drops 1-4% per week.
Ventilation Calculator choosing Ventilation type

Air Flow Breakdown and Calculator Summary

The first part section provides you with information on your total air flow requirements, based on the choices made further up in the calculator. This entire section is calculated “dynamically”  and provides instant results as you change any information entered above.

The summary shows you what you have chosen in the selections above, and what the resulting choices equates to in the cost of cleaning the air in your Cigar shop / lounge / bar. The summary provides an estimate on what your replacement filter cost will be based on your filtration type. This cost is based on average costs and our recommended filter replacement schedules.

Ventilation Calculator Summary Section

Calculator Takeaways

We strongly suggest you play with the settings. Look at how performance and cost is affected by changing the different variables. If you would like help or more information about using the calculator please call 262-632-1229 for personal help.

This calculator is to educate the consumer. Whether you buy your air purification system from LakeAir or another company, the results are going to be fairly close. We use sound and power statistics provided by Ziehl-Abegg, our main blower manufacturer. These air volume and resulting noise levels are documented and reliable.

Lastly if you would like to have us contact you with more information add your email address and phone number in the last fields and hit submit. One of our Air Purification specialist will contact you.