Clean Air Benefits for Schools

Post COVID-19 School Air Purification Update

With the School Opening just around the corner, many schools are struggling to find the answers on how to open safely. It seems each school board, district, and state superintendent has a different idea of what air purification processes need to be put in place.

ASHRAE has strongly recommended the installation of of portable and local HEPA air purifiers. The LakeAir Maxum is one such portable HEPA air purifier. The video clip below shows a brief look at a no-nonsense powerful HEPA air purifier.

The LAFC-HEPA is an example of a local HEPA Air Purifier. By local it means permanently installed as opposed to portable.

Clean Air Benefits for Schools

By providing clean air for our schools we can improve the quality of education for our children. We can help retain good teachers by improving the teaching environment. Schools are where we nurture and educate our children. This is more important and true today than any time in history. The traditional family environment is on the decline. Schools play a bigger part in the lives of our children. Our schools need to be at their best. We need great teachers working in the best environment to ensure kids grow and thrive.

How bad can it be?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 50% of schools suffer from poor indoor air quality (IAQ). This poor air quality affects the students and teachers in different ways. These adverse conditions cause higher absenteeism and lower academic performance for students. Studies have shown schools with poor IAQ lose 54% more teachers. The list of negative effects of poor IAQ goes on and on.

What are some of the clean air benefits?

6 benefits of Clean Air in Schools

Schools that have used LakeAir Air purifiers in the classroom are experiencing these clean air benefits today:

  • Fewer Missed School Days

    Absentee rates have been a real eye opener. This is one of the benefits noticed right away. Most sick days are caused by upper respiratory illnesses. Poor air quality leads to coughing and sneezing. When children breathe clean air they get sick less often. There have been reports of up to 60% less sick days by improving the classroom IAQ.

  • Parents Miss Less Work

    The University of Michigan surveyed parents with school aged children. The study found 33% of parents  had to miss work because of their school age child’s illness. 25% missed 3 or more days each year. A sick child is a stress on employees. Clean air keeps kids healthy. Parents with healthy kids miss less work.

  • Improved Test Scores

    When children are consistently in school they learn more. Each day they drill down more useful knowledge. The repetition helps them hold the new facts in their young minds. Clean air equals higher attendance and more learning and improved test scores.

  • Fewer Medications in School

    One of our test schools reported 80% less use of rescue inhalers. These inhalers and other medication for asthma and allergies can leave a child drowsy. Some of the meds make kids more unruly. With cleaner air there is less need for medications and that’s good for everyone.

  • Less Asthma and Allergy Attacks

    Our test schools found that the children in rooms with air purifiers were more energetic. Those who had been normally limited by asthma and allergies had a higher rate of participation in sport activities. Breathing clean air in class lead to more energy and participation during gym and recess.

  • Better Leaning Environment

    Teachers and students spend most of the day in their classrooms. It is important to keep these rooms as welcoming as possible. If the teacher and students enjoy being there it can only support better learning. Schools that have been renovated and improve themselves retain 54% more teachers. These schools are 20% more likely to attract new teachers. Clean air is a win / win for both students and teachers.

LakeAir Maxum produces clean air for a classroom

The LakeAir Maxum is a table top air purifier that has been school tested and teacher and parent approved. We suggest you consider using this clean air tool in your classroom. We will even allow you to try it risk free for 30 days. You can email us for more information or call our 800-559-9436 customer service number for more information. Make sure your school has the clean air benefits that make a happy and healthy school.