Air Purification for COVID-19

Specific Applications

Mold Magnet aids the capture of COVID-19 in all Filters

Mold Magnet History

Mold Magnet is a bio-molecular formulation that was developed to aid in the capture of biological microbes from an air stream. The initial intent of this solution was to provide better specimen capturing for test purposes. This scientific research aid was found to have the practical application of improved microbial filtration for the HVAC industry.


Mold Magnet has been tested by NIOSH / CDC to efficiently capture viral particles from air samples. In testing using standard HVAC filters, Mold Magnet provided 1000 times higher capture rates for microbes than filters that were not treated with Mold Magnet. In lower quality filters, like standard home furnace filters, the MERV Rating was increased up to 7 units. For example, a MERV 6 Filter would effectively capture microbes like mold, bacteria and viruses more like  a MERV 13 filter. To date, Mold Magnet has not been tested with high MERV rated filters, such as HEPA filters. The testing of HEPA filters that have been treated with Mold Magnet for COVID-19 capture will hopefully happen in the near future.

How It Works

Mold Magnet is a bio-molecular solution that acts like a magnet for all biological particles. The solution acts much like an electrostatic filter and coats the filter media that is attracted to any biological particle or organism at the molecular level. The bio agent (virus / bacteria / biological) comes in contact with filter media, is held there, and desiccates (dries out). Mold Magnet raises the capture rate for all micro-organisms. Mold Magnet is not recommended on metallic surfaces.

Not a Tackifier

There are a host of filter sprays on the market. These sprays are nothing more than glue. They help air borne particles like dust and pollen stick to a filter. They have almost no preferential effect on bio-microbials. They grab more of all material going through the filter but by clogging prematurely, do nothing to remove biological challenges. They shorten filter life and could possibly lead to premature blower failure. A furnace blower depends on air passing through it to keep it cool. Be careful when using tackifiers: they need to be monitored closely.

Practical Application for Reducing COVID-19

We are highly confident that Mold Magnet will increase the capture of biological agents like  SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes the disease, COVID-19. The COVID-19 virus, like most viruses particles, is an extremely tiny biological organism. It has an average size of 0.12 microns. A True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of all particles to a size of 0.3 microns. The COVID-19 Virus is 2.5 times smaller than the 0.3 micron cutoff.  A True HEPA filter will certainly capture some COVID-19 particles. At this time, we don’t know exactly how much of an increase Mold Magnet will have on COVID-19 virus capture. We are confident there will be an improvement on any filter treated with Mold Magnet. We hope to have test data on actual coronavirus in the near future.

Promising Thoughts

When we approached the bio-chemist who developed Mold Magnet, he informed us that the solution had only been tested on standard industry furnace filters and pre-filters. It has not be tested on HEPA filters. The one concern is that Mold Magnet applied to a HEPA filter might collect so many biological particles that the filter life would be greatly diminished! WOW, a filter that works so well that it would be quickly clogged by biological particles. He warned that high quality filters treated with Mold Magnet should be monitored closely for blockages that could cause high back pressures. Laymen’s terms: Mold Magnet might cause decrease filter life and increase strain to the blower. We are NOT presenting this product as a “silver bullet” to kill the COVID-19 virus. We honestly believe this product will HELP prevent COVID-19 by reducing its presence in indoor air. You need to follow all of the advice given  by the CDC: Wash your hands / Practice social distancing / Obey shelter in place orders. All of these are tools in the war to fight COVID-19.

Protecting Your Home Against COVID-19

Very Likely the cost of a HEPA air purifier is not in your budget. Many people throughout the world find themselves under or unemployed at this time. The Pandemic has shut down much of the world’s economy. Mold Magnet is a very affordable way to add protection against all viruses and bacteria for your home. Even if you only use a MERV 6 filter, Mold Magnet can increase its ability to capture viruses 1000 times.

Graph showing comparative effectiveness of Mold Magnet
Mold Magnet Side by Side Comparison

To Sum It Up

Mold Magnet can be purchased through our website  You can purchase air purifiers from LakeAir that have filters pre-treated with Mold Magnet as well. In these tumultuous times, products, like Mold Magnet, that offer high quality are going to be in great demand. We will treat air filters at no additional cost upon request. The prices we offer will be standard. There will be NO price gouging! LakeAir products, along with Mold Magnet, offer a higher level of protection from the COVID-19 virus. We are doing all we can to help in these troubled times. We welcome inquiries. You can contact our customer service center for more information at 800-558-9436


This article was prepared in cooperation with Alexeter Technologies LLC. and it’s partners in product development for Healthful Home Products.