Request a Quote

Using the form below you can request a custom quote for any of our products. Whether you are a large company looking for a better deal on a bulk order or you are an individual who falls into one our our special pricing categories we will be happy to provide you with a timely quote with our request a quote option and form.

Bulk Pricing

There are any number of reasons why companies, groups or individuals might qualify for special pricing. Normally companies who are buying in bulk are the main groups who receive special pricing. If you order 5 or more units or 10 or more filters you can request a quote for bulk pricing discount. We will consider applying discounts on a case by case basis for purchases that do not meet the  5 / 10 piece threshold.

Special Groups

RK Ventures Inc. believes in helping individuals who have or are serving their country. We also understand the importance of helping other groups and disadvantaged people. We offer a limited number of discounts per month. If you are a Veteran or  First Responder, you can receive special pricing. Non Profit groups can also ask to be considered for the special group discount. The Elderly on a fixed income may request a quote to receive a price break. The discounts are only available through this form or by calling our customer service line (800) -558- 9436. Fill out the form below and we will do all we can to find a way to help you to obtain special pricing.

Need Help with another Topic or Issue?

If a Quote isn’t the only thing you need help with, you can find a whole list of help pages on our Customer Care page