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Free 30 Day School Trial

Any School can try one LakeAir Brand air purifier free for 30 days. Call 262-632-1229 or email [email protected], or download agreement form here

Indoor Air Quality

Schools are our children’s workplaces. They are about four times more densely occupied than offices. According to the US Government Accounting Office and US Department of Education some states report having poor IAQ in approximately 24% of their schools. There is growing evidence that poor IAQ can produce verbal, perceptual, motor, and behavioral disabilities in children.

LakeAir Air Purifying Systems remove particles in the air as small as .03 microns. This includes mold, dust, pollen, bacteria, and in some models even viruses. The systems remove VOCs like formaldehyde, radon, and many other harmful gasses. LakeAir Air Purifying Systems perform these wonders at a small cost, less than using a 125 watt light bulb.

RK Ventures Inc., the manufacturer of LakeAir Air Purifying Systems, is proud to announce a new program to allow schools to examine the benefits of improved indoor air quality. We will install a LakeAir Air purifying system in one classroom of any school wishing to participate in a 30-day free no-obligation trial. This program has been pilot tested with amazing results. According to participants, school absenteeism was greatly reduced and the teaching and learning environment was enhanced. The classrooms smell cleaner and both teachers and students found the classroom a nicer place to be.

To qualify, the school needs to have an established curriculum, be recognized as a learning center in the community, and to fill out a short agreement outlining the terms of the trial. Due to the high demand for this program only a limited number of schools may be able to participate. The decision on participation will be at the discretion of RK Ventures Inc.

Depending on the school’s location, RK Ventures will either install or ship the air purifying system with installation instructions. There will be communications with the school via email and /or phone to be sure the unit is operating properly. It is important to us that our products improve the classroom experience for both teachers and students.

RK Ventures will provide literature to be sent home with children should the school wish to do so. An additional discount may be achieved if the school wishes to participate in a program to raise the awareness of the importance of good IAQ and the LakeAir brand. If at the end of the 30-day trial or anytime before its end, your school wishes to purchase the unit, it may do so at a price near wholesale cost. Volume purchases may qualify for deeper discounts.

Please contact Randy Bush at 262-632-1229 or [email protected] for more information. RK Ventures Inc. / LakeAir 1509 Rapids Dr. Ste 23 Racine WI 53404 262-632-1229 [email protected]