IAQ Calculator

The IAQ Calculator will help you find the right LakeAir product. Each LakeAir brand cleaner provides a level of air cleaning capacity which is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). This is determined by the size of the room and the number of air changes per hour. Follow the steps below to help you determine which model will effectively clean your home or work space.

Pollutant Concentration
Suggested Air Changes Per Hour
Typical Application
4 – 8
Living rooms, bedrooms and waiting areas
9 – 12
Computer areas and kitchens
13 – 16
Restaurants, bars and banquet halls

For a more detailed list of Air Changes per Hour look Here

To Determine Your Needs

Measure the size of the area to calculate the volume in cubic feet.

Enter the LENGTH of the room:

Enter the WIDTH of the room:

Enter the HEIGHT of the room:

Enter air CHANGES per hour:

CFM required to purify the air in this room:


LakeAir Models by CFM

  •  110 CFM
  • small rooms
  • 275 CFM
  • large rooms
  • 1000 CFM
  • ceiling  mount
  • professional areas
  • cigar lounges
  • 1300 CFM
  • ceiling  Hung
  • retail locations
  • large smoking rooms
  • 2100 CFM
  • ceiling  Hung
  • Industrial locations
  • large shops