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Do you need a kitchen air purifier? That is a great question! It depends on what kind of kitchen you have. It also depends on what you want your environment to be. Wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen can be a very good thing. But, is your kitchen in a split level ranch or an upscale restaurant? Let’s take a look at the pluses and minuses in kitchen air purification.

Odors, Smoke or Both

Kitchens can produce some of the nicest smells in the world. They can also create odors that are offensive. If you want the smell of your roast to fill your home, you might not want kitchen odor control. If that great soup smells like old socks while it’s cooking then you might.

Odors are controlled with activated carbon filters. Every LakeAir air purifier and smoke eater is equipped with carbon odor control. Smoke is controlled by HEPA, media, or electrostatic filtration. We offer all three of these options in multiple models.

HEPA or Electrostatic

There are good and bad points to both. HEPA cleans out more impurities in one pass. These filters are disposable and easy to replace. HEPA filters cost more money than a media filter but do a better job. HEPA filtration often cleans the air fewer times an hour. Electrostatic cells remove 3% fewer impurities. They clean up tor 2 times more air an hour. Electrostatic cells are washed and do not need to be replaced.

Both technologies work really well. You need to decide what system is best for your kitchen air quality. We offer a great comparison on our “Electrostatic vs HEPA” Page. If you need more advice, give us a call at 800-558-9436 and we will help you sort it out.


99.97% efficient to 3 micron

Disposable $ 150/year cost

Requires large blower more electric

filters go into the trash / landfill


97% efficient to .1 micron

Washable 2-3 times a year (takes 2 hours)

Radial fan  less noise less electric

produce a small amount of Ozone

What Model do I need

The model of air purifier that is right for you depends on your budget and environment. LakeAir has 5 models in 3 filter types to choose from. We can provide a kitchen air purifier for almost any situation. If your kitchen is tiny or a 5000 square feet behemoth we have a system for you. If your problem is odor, smoke, or both, we have you covered.

Kitchen Air Purifier in the Home

A home kitchen has different issues compared to a professional kitchen. The home kitchen air purifier has to keep odors and particulate from the rest of the house out of the food you are preparing.

You don’t want pet dander in the air floating down onto your casserole. The cookery air filter needs to keep living room odors at bay. The mudroom should stay muddy, but the place where you cook should stay pristine. A True HEPA filter removes bacteria and viruses of sick children from the air.

Making candy or pickling vegetables can drive a person from the home. The final product of your culinary efforts will be enjoyed more if the preparations are not aggravating to the rest of your home and family.  Food prep can cause allergens to be released into the air. The right air filter in the right air cleaner can lessen food allergy symptoms.

LakeAir has 2 models that work great on countertops or shelves in any kitchen. Excel is great for smaller kitchens. It can easily handle a room 15 x 15. The Excel is available in both electrostatic and media filtration. It weighs about 17 pounds, therefore it is very portable.

The Maxum moves up to 600 CFM of clean air.  It is available in HEPA, electrostatic, and MERV 11 media.  A Maxum Electrostatic will work great in a kitchen 25 x 25 and has 2 fan speeds.  The variable speed Maxum HEPA can handle a room 33′ x 33′. If you need more filtration you can always add a second unit. The Maxum and excel are available with a vinyl finish in white, black, walnut, and brushed aluminum finish.

Smokey Kitchen?

Got an extra smokey Kitchen? The MAX-700 can provide 750 CFM of smoke eater clean air. This is the most powerful counter-top air purifier designed for smaller kitchens. The low speed is a quiet 39 decibels and produces 150 CFM. You won’t even know its on !

150 – 750  cfm 30 x 20′   10 air changes / hour

97% particle removal ~  To 0.1 micron

Made in the USA

Table / Counter / Fridge  Top 13 x 17 x 13

Variable Speed Control

Best Kitchen Air Purifier for the home

Maxum HEPA

500 cfm 30′ x 30′  about 5 air cycles / hour

99.97% particle removal ~ true HEPA

 M-Super Carbon  Superb Odor Removal

Table / Counter / Fridge  Top 13 x 17 x 13

7-year warranty 

Green Manufactured Product 

Other LakeAir Kitchen Air Purifier Options

Kitchen Size     15′ x 15′

Filtration           Electrostatic / MERV 11

MSRP                 $475.00            $296.00

BLK / WHT / Woodgrain / Brushed Alum

Kitchen Size     25′ x 25′

Filtration           HEPA / Electrostatic / MERV 11

MSRP                 $750.00 / $595.00 /  $438.00

        BLK / WHT / Woodgrain / Brushed Alum

Restaurant Air Purifiers and Smoke Eaters

The professional kitchen is a whole other animal. There are so many things going on here that the mix of aroma and smoke often needs to be contained.  LakeAir has a full line of kitchen air purifier and kitchen smoke eater to handle whatever your situation is.

Commercial Kitchen Air Purifier Technologies


A HEPA Kitchen air cleaner will remove 99.97% of all impurities as small as 0.3 microns. This level of cleanness removes the need for UVC light filters. The HEPA replacement filters are a little more expensive but are quickly and easily changed. Our commercial HEPA Kitchen Air purifiers offer 400-1000 CFM per unit for your cuisine creations.


The Electrostatic kitchen air cleaning models move larger amounts of indoor air. Their free flow filters are 97% efficient to 0.1 microns. The filter cells are easily removed and washable. Regular cleaning is very important. The cleaner the filter cell, the more efficient it is.

Most professional kitchens clean these filters every other month. They fit in a commercial sink and can be soaked and cleaned in less than an hour. You can buy an extra cell to make your air purifier maintenance schedule more manageable. 


LakeAir Media air purifiers use disposable MERV 11 media filters. These filters remove 85-95% of particles 5 microns or larger. The replacement filter cost is less and is quickly replaced. The amount of clean air is a little more than a HEPA type filter but not as efficient. In our opinion, this is the least acceptable air purification system for your Commercial eating establishment.

Activated Carbon Filtration

All LakeAir Models offer some level of activated carbon filtration. This is the best way to remove odors from the air where you cook. They also remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the air. The odor eliminator value of these filters is immense. Carbon filters cannot be washed. They must be replaced when they have absorbed all of the odors they can.

Business Grade Kitchen Models


The LAFC Models mount flush to the ceiling. It fits into a 2’ x 4’ ceiling grid. This unit is available in all of our filter technologies. They can supply 400-1000 CFM of clean air for your professional galley. These units are barely visible. They are quiet 35 – 56 dB(A) of sound. Because of their stealth, efficiency, and large choice of options they are our choice for the best commercial kitchen air purifier.

Best Commercial Kitchen Air Purifier / Smoke Eater /Odor

LAFC-RC2-S Electrostatic

1000 CFM 30 x 30 Kitchen 11 air cycles / hour 

97% Particle and Smoke removal

Washable Filter Cell

L-Super Carbon (available) odor removal

Mounts Flush to the Ceiling 

7 Year Warranty

Green Manufactured

LAFC Odor Control To Remove smoke odors

Best Commercial Kitchen Air Purifier / HEPA /UVC


1000 CFM 30 x 30 Kitchen 8 air cycles / hour 

99.97% Particle and Smoke removal

Commercial True HEPA

L-Super Carbon (available) odor removal

Mounts Flush to the Ceiling 

7 Year Warranty

Green Manufactured

LAFC Odor Control To Remove smoke odors


The LA2000 is currently available in Electrostatic and Odor Control models. These units are industrial strength and their large radial fans produce up to 69 dB(A) of sound. Like the LA1400 these units are most often ceiling hung, but work well when they are wall-mounted. We hope to introduce the LA2000 HEPA in the first quarter of 2020.


The LA1400 is currently available in Electrostatic and Media filtration. . These units are designed for large rooms or smaller cooking areas. They are designed to be wall-mounted or ceiling hung.

Kitchen Size     30′ x 30′

Filtration           Electrostatic    /   MERV 14

MSRP                 $1495.00            $1199.00

Black  / White

Ceiling Hung or Wall Mounted 

Kitchen Size    40′ x 40′

Filtration           Electrostatic  / Odor Control

MSRP                 $1895.00       $1845.00

Black    / White

Ceiling Hung or Wall Mounted 

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