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LAFC HEPA ~ Save $100.00

Expires July 23 2019

LAFC Odor Control To Remove smoke odors

The LAFC HEPA provides True HEPA air filtration to upscale locations. You can find the LAFC in Cigar Lounges and Hookah Bars providing 800 CFM of clean air for customers and staff. 

LakeAir Replacement HEPA Filter Save 10%

Expires July 23 2019

HEPA Filter Part # 499081

Part number 499081 replaces the HEPA Filter for the LAFC HEPA. This filter has an integrated carbon filter which removes odors. This is a True HEPA filter and removes 99.97% of all particles to .3 microns

LakeAir Replacement Pre Filter #490051

Expires July 23 2019

Pre-Filter Screen

Part number 490051 replaces the Pre Filter in all LA2000. This filter is washable but should be replaced at least every 2 years or when it is no longer structurally stable.

Excel Media Air Purifier Save 10%

Expires July 23 2019

The Excel Media Air Purifier removes the allergens from the air in your bedroom. It Removes Pollen, Mold Pet Dander and the things that make asthma and allergies flare up.