LA 1400/ 2000 Replacement Parts

The LakeAir LA series is a heavy duty line of commercial air purifiers. These units tend to see the dirtiest environments. Due to the extreme conditions these units are used in, some parts do break down. Motors are especially vulnerable in high pollution situations. Replacement filters are not found in this section

LA Series

The LA 1400 and LA 2000 are ceiling hung or wall mounted units. These units are boxy in construction. The difference between a 1400 and a 2000 is the number of cells in the purifier. The LA-2000 has 2 electrostatic  cells  where the LA-1400 has only one.

120 or 230

When ordering LA 1400 /2000 Replacement Parts parts be sure that you are ordering the right voltage. All La Series units are available in both 120 and 230 volt configurations. If you have any questions as to the suitability of these parts for your repair please call our Customer Service Number  1-800-558-9436.

1400 / 2000 Comparison

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