Smoke Eaters


Smoke Eaters

Smoke Eater is a generic term for ambient room air purifiers. The LakeAir LAFC is well known as a smoke eater. These air purifiers quietly remove smoke and other indoor air pollution from any room. Our units include activated carbon filters that remove odors and harmful VOCs. The LAFC is very popular in restaurants, cigar lounges, hookah bars and vape shops.

3 Types of Filtration

LakeAir Smoke Eaters are available in 3 filtration types. Today’s most popular model is our LAFC HEPA unit. This unit removes 99.7% 0f all impurities as small as .3 microns. The mini pleat filter has a long life and in many cases can last an entire year. The LAFC HEPA has a 3 stage air filtration system; Pre Filter / HEPA / Activated Carbon Filter.

For volume air purification, The LAFC Electrostatic model can produce up to 900 CFM of clean air.  This Filtration type is 97% effective on particles to .01 microns. The electrostatic cell should be washed periodically and does not need replacing. The LAFC Electrostatic has a 4 stage air filtration system; Pre Filter / Particle Ionizer  /   High Voltage Particle Collector / Activated Carbon Filter.

The LAFC Media unit is our third filtration offering in the smoke eater line. It has a MERV 11 rating and is disposable, extended surface area, thick with cotton-polyester blend media, cardboard frame. This unit is suitable for commercial and residential buildings and its filter should be inspected seasonally and changed as needed. The LAFC Media has a 3 stage air filtration system; Pre Filter / MERV 11 Media Filter / Activated Carbon Filter.

The LakeAir line of smoke eaters goes beyond the LAFC models. The LA-1400 is radial fan design smoke eater that can be wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling. The LA 1400 is available in the same 3 filtration types as the LAFC.  The units offer great air filtration benefits at a reduced cost.

More than Smoke

While these quiet giants are great at handling smoke, they are used commercially for so much more. To name a few: doctors exam rooms, clean rooms for electronics, makeup manufactures, money counting rooms in banks and casinos, poultry processing, electrical testing labs, bakeries, FDA silicone tubing plants and mobile hospitals. The list goes on and on for the applications of this unit.

Economical Use

Our commercial smoke eaters clean the air in your business establishments. Clean air helps retain valuable customers. These units can pay for themselves over time when compared to the high cost of makeup air. There is no reason to reheat or cool outside air when you have a healthy supply of clean air thanks to your LakeAir Smoke Eater. LakeAir products are manufactured in the USA using high grade components made of steel, aluminum, and tungsten instead of plastic. Our electrostatic units feature washable cells that do not need to be replaced. These are the same cells found in our industrial LA series used in metal fabrication facilities.

So much in so little space

The LAFC smoke eater mounts in a 2 x 4 ceiling grid and only needs 11 inches of clearance. The LAFC is equipped with ceiling mounting supports and weighs only 87 pounds. Filter cleaning and changing is done by a swing down panel which allows easy access to the LAFC internal components. This powerful and nearly invisible pollution destroyer can clean the air in a room up to 45 x 45 4 times an hour. They are available in 4 different iterations;  HEPA, Electrostatic, Media and the new Super HEPA.

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