Product Manuals

LakeAir air purifying products are easy to use and install. Each unit is shipped with a product manual. If you ever lose your manual you can obtain a copy from this page. We are currently in the process of updating all manuals. You can check here for new updates or request to be put on our  Manual Update List by filling out the form below. If none of these methods work for you please call customer service at 1-800-558-9436

Product Manuals

Table Top units

Maxum & Excel Media
Maxum Electrostatic
Maxum Electrostatic Air Purifier
MAX-700 Electrostatic
MAX-700 750 CFM Air Purifier
Maxum HEPA
Maxum HEPA 500 CFM


Standard LAFC Models

LAFC Electrostatic Smoke eater


1500 CFM Smoke Eater LAFC-RC2-s


LA2 Series Units


LA2-RC1 750 CFM Commercial HEPA Purifier

LA2000-S & LA2000-OC

LA2000-OC Odor Control Commercial Air Purifier

LA2-RC2 / RC1

Odor Control & VOC Extractor with extended warranty LA2-RC2-OC2 by LakeAir CAPP


image of the LA2-RC2-Kitchen Commercial air purifier, showing all filters and their uses

WM-RC2 / MAX-Guard / CM2-RC2

WM-RC2 S / HEPA / M15

WM-RC2-HEPA wall Mount Air Purifier

MAX Guard S / HEPA / M15

MAX Guard MERV 15 Media Smoke Eater

CM2-RC2 S / HEPA / M15

CM2-RC2 Compact Ceiling Smoke Eater