• 500 CFM
  • True HEPA 2.5 ~ 99.97% efficient
  • 1800 gram carbon / 4.5 inch filter
  • Smoke Odor Killer
  • 24 x 24 x 13
  • 490 CADR
  • Ceiling Mounted


Ceiling Mount Compact HEPA Smoke Eater

The CM2-RC2 HEPA 420 Smoke Eater by LakeAir fits into a 2′ x 2′ ceiling grid. The RC2 models use dual reverse curved blowers from the famous German fan manufacturer Zeihl-Abegg  These blowers offer quiet operation with a lot of air movement. The HEPA filters are made in the USA and are True HEPA. For a filter to be called True HEPA it must remove 99.97% of all particles as small as 0.3 microns.. The HEPA filter should be replaced from 6 months to a year. These units feature an easy access door to replace the filters or service the unit. the CM2-RC2-HEPA 120 is a low priced commercial smoke eater. If you are purchasing 3 or more you will likely get additional discounts.

The CM2-RC2-HEPA is a great product to use in a home with higher ceilings. Cannabis smoke is light and rides warm air to the ceiling quickly.  For an in depth look at air purifiers for cannabis smokers, please see our detailed cannabis air purifier page.

Quiet Running

One of the biggest complaints about ceiling mounted air purifiers is the amount of noise they produce. Much of this noise comes from the fan running at high rpms. One blower is enough to power the CM2 models, by adding a 2nd fan we have cut the needed motor speed in half. This reduces the amount of ambient noise greatly.  Smaller filters were needed to work in the smaller frame size. The extra blower pulls air through the smaller filters with ease.

You could turn the unit all the way up and it would be loud Only so much air can move through the filters, so run your CM2  at half speed, and save on noise and money. About  half way between high and turbo should do the trick.

External or Onboard Speed Control

The variable speed control allows you to adjust the CM2-RC2 to the exact amount of air purification and sound level desired. Customers tell us that on low and medium they don’t even hear the smoke eater running.  If you want the speed control on the unit just let us know and we will customize your unit at no extra cost.

The variable speed control can be mounted in the unit or be located in a wall switch. If the speed control is on your unit we can install a 10′ standard power cord at no extra charge.  The remote wiring is easy but requires a 6 conductor cable. The unit uses a simple 115-volt line, neutral and ground along with 3 low voltage wires for speed control. We include complete wiring instructions and are available for any question you might have at 800-558-9436.

Flush to Ceiling or Ceiling Hung

The CM2 is a compact little unit that looks nice hanging by itself. It is equipped with 4 nut inserts and eyebolts for easy hanging. If you don’t have a drop ceiling the CM2 might still be the best fit for you. We can even set this unit up with a standard plug. just plug it into a standard outlet and your are good to go. You can even move the unit around to find the best spot in your cigar bar. To see more information on mounting options for air purification in your home visit this section of the cigar air purifier page.

If you have more question feel free to call our customer service number 800-558-9436 or email us at [email protected]


Great for Indoor Air Quality Issues

The CM2-RC2 HEPA is a great tool to help with most any indoor air quality issue. If someone in your home is suffering from mold, this air purifier for allergies will remove any airborne mold spores. When it come to use in a smoking room the CM2 is a great air purifier for smokers. If pet dander is what triggers you breathing troubles, the HEPA filter remove pet dander from the air stream.

Protect your home with True HEPA Filtration.

The LakeAir True HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all impurities form the air. These American made filters are high quality. You won’t have o worry about off gassing experienced by many consumers whose filters were shipped form over seas.

  • Part# 499084 
  • Price $180.00
  • Life = 6-12 months
Maxum Replacement HEPA 4.5 Air Filter
CM2-RC2-HEPA Specifications
Capacity500 CFM
Filter 1MERV 2 Pre Filter
Filter 216 x 12 x 4.5 True HEPA filter 99.97% Efficient
Filter 33 chamber Cannablend filter
Unit Size24″ x 24″  x 14″
Unit Weight50 Lbs.
Power120 volt @ 2.6 amps
Sound40-69 d(b)A @ 15 feet
Warranty7 year Limited
note Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California

Additional information






99.97% to 0.3 Micron


2.5 Carbon, HEPA 2.5, Pre-Filter




Carbon, HEPA


Ceiling Hung, Flush to Ceiling


3 ~ 2.5 / 900-1500 gram


2-3 Amps


Variable Speed Control


115 Volt


60-70 Pounds

General sqft

At least 500 square feet @ 4 ACH, At Least 625 square feet @ 6 ACH


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