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Excel Media Air Purifier

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The Excel  is a desktop portable electronic air purifier designed for home and office use. It will clean a 15′ x 15′ room up to four times per hour using a disposable electrostatically charged media filter.




Due to parts shortages caused by COVID-19 The Excel Media has an extended ship time of about 10 days.

The Excel Media desktop portable air purifier is designed for home, office, and nursing home use. It will clean a 15′ x 15′ room up to four times per hour. The unit is available in black, white, and wood-grain. The Excel uses a powerful MERV 11 filter to keep the room air pure and free from allergens that make us sick. The air you breathe will be cleaner and healthier.  Each Excel includes a powerful activated carbon filter to remove odors and harmful VOCs. The disposable MERV 11 media filter removes up to 98% of particulate as small as 5 microns. The Excel will also quietly remove cigarette and cooking smoke, dust, bacteria and many viruses. This unit can be purchased here or through one of many re-sellers.

LakeAir Media air cleaners capture airborne pollutants with its powerful MERV 11 air filter. The carbon after filter then removes harmful VOCs and stubborn odors. For even more cleaning power the MERV 11 filter can be treated with Healthful Home Mold Magnet. this spray-on treatment can raise the MERV rating by up to 7 levels. It Helps the Filter capture 1000 X more mold spores, bacteria, and virus particles. It also does NOT decrease the filter life and last for the life of the filter. Microbes preferentially stick to the bio-molecules applied to the filter.


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How LakeAir Air Purifiers works

Portable Air Purifier Built Commercial Tough

The Excel portable air purifier is built to the same tough standards of all of our products. Most portable air purifiers are plastic. The Excel is built from 18 gauge american steel. The cover is is appliance grade 20 gauge vinyl coated steel. The Excel is American made in Racine WI by RK Ventures Inc. The Excel will give you years of service. LakeAir has been around for over 35 years and will continue to be here if you ever need replacement parts and when you need replacement filters.



  • The MERV 11 filter is 98% efficient on particulate as small as 5 microns in size.
  • The two-speed fan provides 70 CFM (cubic feet per minute) or 110 CFM of clean air
  • Excel will clean a 15′ x 15′ room over 4 air changes per hour.
  • The Excel operates whisper quiet at only 42-47 decibels.
  • Carbon after filter removes odors from the purified air – lasts up to 3 – 4 months depending on the pollutants in the air.
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • capacity 70-110 CFM
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 8″
  • unit weight 14 lb.
  • sound level 42-47db (A)
  • particle removal: 98% of airborne particles as small as 5 microns
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/.6 amps -or-
  •             230v, AC/50/60 Hz/.30 amps
  • shipping weight 19 lb.
  • replaceable media filter
  • available in black, white and woodgrain
  • Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California.

Additional Information

Weight19 lbs
Dimensions19 × 16 × 8 in

1 review for Excel Media Air Purifier

  1. Mandy

    This purifier has been great for us! We use it more than we expected. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we bought to help in the summer if the forest fires are bad but find ourselves using it more frequently such as if we are doing any painting, or remodeling, etc. Thanks for making a great, quality, Made In The US product and for the outstanding customer service, Randy!

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