LA2000 Refurbished Industrial Air Purifier

Ideal for commercial and light industrial size use, the LA-2000S series provides the best in electronic air cleaning. The LA-2000S series processes more air at an increased rate.  The pre-filter removes dust, hair, lint and larger dust particles; the electrostatic filter removes particles as small as 0.01 microns in size, such as tobacco smoke, fumes, dust, molds spores and vapors.


Refurbished LA-2000

Refurbished LA-2000

Refurbished Industrial Air Purifiers

LakeAir  has a generous trade in program. This gives us a large selection of  units to recondition for resale. Factory technicians inspect each unit. Our inspections  ensure a long operating life.  You should expect some minor cosmetic flaws on a refurbished unit.  However they are in over all good condition. We give a 1 year warranty and a 30 return policy on every refurbished unit.  You should call to check on current availability.

The Refurbishment Process

The refurbishment process focuses on the the electrical and air components. We clean and or replace all filter cells. Experts inspect motors for ware.  More often than not, they are replaced.  The power supplies are tested to insure long life. We replace any power supplies with marginal results. Industrial settings allow more cosmetic flaws. You should expect minors scratches and dings. We test the refurbished units for noise level and try to ensure they are within specifications. You can be certain the units are well cleaned and interior scratches touched up with paint.

Cost Savings

The cost of a rehabilitated LA2000.00 is $999.00. This represents a 45% savings to the customer. Our refurbished price puts these units well below the cost of similar  units. Your cost savings continue with dual washable electrostatic cells. These cells should be inspected at least every 3 months and washed if dirty. A dirty cell is less effective.  It cleans fewer dirty air particles from the air. A LakeAir Refurbished Air Purifier cleans the ambient air. It may eliminate the need for expensive makeup air. This reduces your cost of heating and air conditioning. Clean air means a safer work environment. Purified air can cut down on negative effects on employees and products. Costs savings add up when you clean the air with LakeAir air purifying products.

Low Cost, Big Power

A La2000 industrial air purifier filters 2100 CFM of air. The radial fan moves massive amounts of air. First of all, air passes through a pre filter. It protects the electrostatic cells from large debris. Further more, The Free flow filters allow air to pass through without back pressure. They remove 97% of air pollution as small as .3 microns. Finally, the Activated carbon filters remove VOCs and harmful vapors.



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