The LAFC-OCS is the ultimate in hidden smoke control. It hides within your drop ceiling removing 97% of impurities and all odors. It offers a washable electronic filter and a large 4 chamber activated carbon filter.




LAFC-OC Odor Control Electrostatic Air Purifier

The LAFC-OC offers quiet power to treat the air in your business. 600 CFM of air passes through the LAFC-OC to return to the room free from smoke and its odor. The dual centrifugal blowers move air through the open design electrostatic cell  and the 4 chambers activated carbon filter with ease. The dual louver design allows you to control where the air moves after it has been purified. The LAFC is no stranger to smoky rooms. Thousands of the units have been sold all over the US and Canada. The LAFC-OC is the next logical step to provide an even better air purifying experience.

Heavy Duty Construction

The LAFC-OC features all steel construction. The frame 14 gauge tough and  is welded on all sides. The front panels are 18 gauge and built to last for years and year. The electronics, frame and body carry a 7 year warranty. The steel is powder coated for long indoor life. We use only the best materials to ensure your LakeAir product lasts up to your expectations.

Made in the USA

Like all of our products, the LAFC-OC is made in the USA. We cut, punch and bend the steel and aluminum in our shop in Racine WI. We hire American Veterans whenever possible. If products have to be outsourced we use local vendors to keep our local economy strong. There are cheaper ways to make our products, but we aren’t interested in sacrificing quality or national pride for the sake of a few dollars.

Multi Chamber Carbon Filtration

Many carbon filters draw air through a general bed of media. The air stream easily chooses the path of least resistance. This decreases air contact with the carbon media. The L-Ultra Carbon filter (part# 499038) has a 4 chamber design.  It uses separate filter chambers. We use irregular media sizes. These two aspects forces the air to come into contact with more filtering media. Odor absorption is increased with media exposure. That’s why our activated carbon filters offer superior odor removal.

Powerful Electrostatic Filter

The electrostatic cell (part# 101107) is made of high quality materials. Our cells have a free flow design. They use small tolerances and modest electrical output. This lowers energy consumptions. It also minimizes ozone emissions.

How the LAFC-OC Works

Air Purification illustration

The Dual blowers pull  dirty air through a 97% efficient electrostatic cell. The electronic filter removes smoke, dust, pollen and mold. It doesn’t only remove large particles. It removes particles as small as .1 microns. Those impurities are trapped  in the filter cell until you wash them away. After Washing the filter is like new. It is ready to resume cleaning your air without expensive filter replacement costs. 


  • Capacity                                   400-600 cfm
  • Unit Size                           47.75 x 23.75 x 11″
  • Weight                                           95 pounds
  • Power               120v 5 amps 230 2.5 amps
  • Sound                              43dB(A) – 49 dB(A)
  • Finish                                       Black  / White
  • Warranty                                  7 year Limited
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