LAFC-RC2-HUV provides up to 900 CFM of sanitized air. The True HEPA and UVGI Filtration combination provides the cleanest of air to any space. 6 ACH is achieved in a 35′ x 35′ x 8′ area. Get extra protection from viruses, bacteria, and mold.

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This Bracket Mounts any LAFC flush to Ceiling

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Super Carbon Filter for LAFC units

30 times more carbon than standard

HEPA Filter for LAFC

HEPA Filter For all LAFC HEPA Models

2 bulb Kit for LAFC-RC2-HUV / SUV

UVC Lamps Should be changed every year
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HEPA and UVC Protection in One Product

LAFC-RC2-HUV offers 3 of the best filtration methods known to man. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% ~ 0.3 microns of particles from the air stream. In actuality, it does a better job on nano-particles as small as 0.1 microns. The UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) deactivates the DNA of viruses and bacteria. An activated carbon filter removes gases, odors, and VOCs.

900 CFM of quiet clean air of HEPA and UVC will help protect your customers and staff from infectious aerosols. This is the type of filtration that is being urged by ASHRAE for all medical facilities. The LAFC-RC2-HUV requires only 11 inches of headspace. It mounts into a 2′ x 4′ ceiling grid or can be mounted directly to the ceiling or hung as well.

The LAFC-RC2-HUV has become popular in schools, municipal and medical buildings. It provides clean air above and beyond recommendations for these areas. Any room that needs quiet ultra-clean air can be serviced successfully by the LAFC-RC2-HUV

UVGI / UVC Filtration

UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) filtration is the exposure of the airstream to UVC radiation. UVC light waves occur naturally in nature. These light rays from the sun are blocked by our planet’s atmosphere.  It can be reproduced with electrical lamps and LEDs. UVC light needs to be treated carefully because exposure to it can damage your skin and eyes.  Our UVGI products are thoroughly tested for UVC leakage.

For UVGI filtration to be effective, there must be a sufficient dose of UVC radiation in the UVGI chamber. LakeAir products use high output UVC bulbs a ballasts. The LAFC-HUV delivers a killing dose of over 1000µJ/cm² ( 1000 micro-joules per square centimeter) to any virus that passes through it. This amount of UVGI will ensure that any microbial that may escape HEPA filtration will be disabled before it is returned to the area being filtered.

The dose of UVC radiation is especially sufficient to kill the COVID-19  virus given the extended residence time provided by over 30 inches of UVC chamber exposure. The “Kill Zone” is designed so that all of the airstream must pass within 2 inches of the high output UVC bulbs. These design elements insure that the LAFC-RC2-HUV provide HEPA and UVC protection to consumers, staff and patients.

UVGI Cell for the LAFC-HUV
Interior of LAFC-HUV

Mounting Options

Drop In Ceiling Grid

The most popular way to mount any LAFC unit is to install it into a 2 x 4 ceiling grid. The LAFC is nearly invisible when mounted this way. The grid mount also reduces the noise level of the unit.

LAFC Mount in a 2 x 4 ceiling

Ceiling Hung

Another popular option is to hang the LAFC from chains or cables. This works well in rooms with tin or high ceilings. The sides of LAFC can be boxed in easily to create a  beautiful addition to your space.

Flush to Ceiling Mount

We recently introduced the flush mount kits # 300333 & 300019. These mounts allow you to mount your LAFC directly to any ceiling.

LAFC Mounting Bracket

Wall Mount

Wall Mount is not our intended way to mount any of the LAFC units. However, one customer loves the LAFC mounted in the wall. So long as the filters are secured this option should work very well

LAFC Wall Mounted

Additional information

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Black, White






99.97% to 0.3 Micron


Carbon, HEPA, UVC


Ceiling Hung, Flush to Ceiling


2-3 Amps


Allergens, Dust, Gases, Grease, Mold, Odors, Pet Dander, Pet Hair, Smoke, Very Fine Partices, VOCs


Variable Speed Control


115 Volt


110 – 120 Pounds


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