LAFC Refurbished Air Purifier


LAFC Air Purifiers are designed to fit into a 2′ x 4′  ceiling grid but can be hung from or mounted flush.


LAFC Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier

Great Savings on a Refurbished LAFC

The LAFC HEPA air purifier provides super clean air quietly and discreetly. This unit is suitable for clean rooms, doctors offices and labs. It features a HEPA filtration system removing 99.97% airborne particles down to .3 microns. The carbon filter removes odors and VOCs.

LAFC Ceiling HEPA Air Purifier

This Refurbished LAFC ceiling HEPA air purifier combines beauty and convenience. It mounts flush to the ceiling with the efficiency and quiet operation. The LAFC has qualities normally found in pass-through style units. The ceiling HEPA air purifier has a mini pleat True HEPA filter. The filter removes 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns.  The LAFC HEPA delivers up to 500 CFM of clean air. Your breathing environment is more healthy. the LAFC has two adjustable louvers on the clean air delivery panels.  This allows an infinite variety of airflow patterns. This unit has a 6 month warranty and shipping is included.

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This unit can be upgraded to HEPA / UV or converted to Electrostatic. For more details contact us at 800-558-9436.


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