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The MAX Guard-OC is a great looking way to remove odors from any room. This Made in the USA product contains 2600 grams of odor absorbing activated carbon. Under the CAPP program you save $300.00 up front and then we send you discounted odor control filters every 4 months.

$1995.00 initial unit cost (includes all filters)
Replacement Filters sent every 4 months for $200.00

CAPP Benefits

$300.00 Discount on a 1000 CFM Portable VOC Extractor / Odor Remover

LA2 Ultra Carbon Odor Control Filters ~ (1) 499025 every 4 months (15% savings)

Additional Free Replacement Pre-Filter ($40.00 Saving)

Free Extended Warranty ~ Extended warranty as long as you remain in CAPP program or 7 years. ($300.00 Value)

Cost includes Delivery to a commercial location without Liftgate service. Extra delivery costs will be charged to your credit card.