The MAX Guard-S is a high power (1500 CFM) portable air purifier. This unit can clean the air in large spaces with minimum background noise. The Washable main filter helps minimize the already small replacement filter costs afforded by being a Member of the CAPP Program. We will send you (2) odor removing activated carbon filters every 6 months. Keep the clean and fresh in your smoking area with the MAX Guard-S

$2045.00 initial unit cost (includes all filters)
Replacement Filters sent every 6 months for $150.00

CAPP Benefits

$300.00 Discount on a 1500 CFM Portable Floor Air Purifier/ Smoke Eater

MAX Guard  Carbon Odor Control Filters ~ (2) 499075 every 6 months (15% savings)

Additional Free Replacement Pre-Filter ($40.00 Saving)

Free Extended Warranty ~ Extended warranty as long as you remain in CAPP program or 7 years. ($300.00 Value)

Cost includes Delivery to a commercial location without Liftgate service. Extra delivery costs will be charged to your credit card.

MAX Guard-S 1500 CFM Portable Air Purifier / Smoke Eater

The New MAX Guard models are a big change in portable air purifiers. The are as powerful as the big ceiling mount units but have portability and style of a floor model. The are no little units  to be off in some corner but they are strong and can double as an end table. The powder coat and vinyl finish make it attractive and the all steel construction makes it strong. The whole MAX Guard line are in sync with LakeAir’s sustainable product development strategy. These units are generational and will last you 15+ years.

Commercial Purification Power

The MAX-Guard line uses the same blowers and filter systems as our popular Commercial air purifiers. The MAX-Guard filter sizes are up to 10 times larger than popular foreign models like the Rabbit-Air. The Dual German blowers deliver 3-10 time more air circulation than big box store air purifiers. If you need the air in your space cleaned  and cleaned quietly the MAX-Guard line is for you.

MAX Guard-S Specifications
Capacity1500 CFM
Filter 1MERV 2 Pre Filter
Filter 220 x 16 x 5 Electrostatic Cell 97% Efficient
Filter 32 Chamber Carbon Filter 
Unit Size26″ x 22″  x 14″
Unit Weight 70 Lbs.
Power120 volt @ 3 amps
Sound 40-69 d(b)A @ 15 feet
Warranty7 year Limited
note Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California

Double Chamber Carbon Filtration

The MAX Guard uses a 2 chamber carbon filter containing around 2.5 pounds of virgin coconut carbon. This carbon is great at absorbing odors caused by smoke and other common odor causing substances. This filter design draws the air directly through the carbon, not just over it like many carbon bed filters.

MAX Guard Carbon Filter

Made in the USA

Like all LakeAir products, the MAX-Guard is made in our plant in Racine Wisconsin. We bring in American steel, and we cut it, form and weld it in our plant. We have recently added our own powder coating system. LakeAir products are now fully manufactured here by skilled American craftsmen and women.