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Our lowest price unit in the 420 Line. The Maxum-420 process up to 275 CFM of Cannabis smoke and odor. This product doubles as a great air purifier for pets and allergies. This marijuana air purifier is recommended for rooms 20′ x 20 and smaller.


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Maxum Cannablend filter

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LA-99 Cell Cleaning Solution

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Cannablend Filter (eliminates cannabis odor)

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Marijuana Air Purifier for Smaller Rooms

We have sold many of these units for use in smaller rooms and offices. It works best in enclosed spaces less than 20′ x 20′.  5 ACH (air changes per hour) can be expected with the setting on high. The electrostatic filter can be washed in most standard dish washer. The cleaner the filter the better job it will  do on removing smoke from the air. The radial fan design is quiet enough to watch TV in the same room with the unit on high.

Carbon plus Zeolite = Cannablend

Cannablend is a blend of activated carbon and potassium permanganate impregnated zeolite. Zeolite has been used for years for absorbing impurities in water. Crystalline Zeolite also works well to remove certain odors. Acetic based odors like the ones produced by smoking marijuana is easily absorbed. When zeolite is treated with potassium permanganate it works especially well.  LakeAir does not charge more for a cannablend compared to straight activated carbon. Your Cannablend filters should last 3-6 months with ordinary use. Extra  smoky environments may require more frequent Cannablend filter changes. The replacement cost of the Maxum Cannablend Filter Part #499158 is $49.50 plus shipping. You can purchase a 4 pack of these filters for $180.00 with free shipping.

Why LakeAir

When you purchase air purifiers, smoke eaters or filters from LakeAir You can do so with confidence. LakeAir was founded in 1968. All of our models are made in the USA, not simply assembled here. We believe products should be built to last, so, we warrant all of our products for 7 years. We still carry parts for many units built over 50 years ago.

Building a great product is important, but building in the right way is important. We pay our employees a respectable wage. We practice green manufacturing. We strive to use materials that have been and or can be easily recycled. On top of all this if you aren’t happy with your purchase you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

When you are looking for a great marijuana air purifier examine the LakeAir weed smoke eater line. The Maxum-420 is our most affordable unit in that line. Lower price does not mean lower quality you should be confident anytime you make a purchase from LakeAir. 


Capacity 100-275 CFM
Unit Size 17″ x 13″ x 13″
Unit Weight 28 pounds
Power 120V, AC/60HZ. 0.8 amps
Sound Level 39-52 dB(A) @ 15′
Filtration 97% to 0.1 micron
Carbon Cannablend 300 gram
Mount Table Top/ Wall Mount / Floor
Warranty 7-year Limited
Finish black / white/ woodgrain / brushed aluminum
Note Does not meet California air cleaner regulation requirements: cannot be shipped to California 

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