Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier

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The Maxum Home Air Purifier

Maxum electrostatic air purifier has commercial strength power with quiet operation to purify air in large home and office areas. It is great Large areas in and around your home and office. Wall mount the maxum in small restaurant areas. The Maxum is powerful enough to clean a 24′ x 24′ area.

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Home Air Purifier

The Maxum Electrostatic Air Cleaner  removes 97% of airborne particle as small as .1 micron. The air pollution is trapped in its powerful filtering system. This model will clean the air in large rooms (24′ x 24′) in your home or office. The Maxum works great on a table top. It can be mounted easily on the wall. The air purifier is ready to use out of the box. All LakeAir  units comes with a replaceable activated carbon filter . The Maxum is available in  a stylish vinyl finish in black, white or walnut. We have recently added Brushed Aluminum finish to your color choices.  The Maxum can be bought on our site or from one of our re-selling partners.


 The Electrostatic Air Cleaning Process

The Maxum Electrostatic air cleaner purifies the air in your home.  The air purifying method used by  The Maxum to clean the air uses a 3 stage filtering system. In the first stage, the dirty air passes through the particle ionizer. The air pollution in the air is given a negative charge.The second stage is a series of collection plates. The dirty air particles are attracted to the plates. They are trapped there until they are removed when the filter is washed. In the third stage the cleaned air passes through a activated carbon filter where odors and VOCs are removed by adsorption.

Electrostatic Air Cleaner Illustration

Affordable Air Purification

The Maxum Electrostatic Air Cleaner purifies the air in your home for about $100.00 a year using only 125 watts. Because the electrostatic cell is washable is does not need replacing. One Supermax Carbon filter costs $40.00 and protects many homes for 9 months  to a year. For an even bigger savings you can get the Smoke Eater Bundle which contains a Maxum and 2 Supermax filters at a reduced price. According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, electrostatic air cleaners offer the greatest improvements is in air quality while having a very low up keep price. The Maxum air purification is  affordable, but the  just saving start with the relatively low cost. You will save money on replacing computers, clean computers and tablets last longer. There is a  good chance you will spend less on doctors and vet bills as well. Time is money and you will save time on cleaning. The dirt in the air is washed away  when you clean your electronic cell, rather then the extra hours of dusting, sweeping, and washing walls.


the Maxum removes:

  • dust                              pollen                     pet dander                pesticides                        rag weed
  • mold                            bacteria                   smoke                        formaldehyde                acetone
  • viruses                        dust mites               pet hair                      radon                               off gassing
  • pesticides                   oils                            cooking odors          fumes                               ash
  • And many many more indoor pollutants that pose a threat to the air we breathe at home

Health Benefits:

Many harmful particles are able to enter our bodies through the air we breathe. These particles are put in 2 categories. PM10 particles are less dangerous. PM10 particles includes mold and pollen. Although they are not ass dangerous, the still need to be removed from the air. The elderly, young and those with asthma and allergies are more susceptible to PM10 particles PM2.5 particle are smaller than 2.5 micron. These particles are so small they can more easily enter our bodies through are lungs. They can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Combustion particles, organic compounds and metals are examples of PM2.5 particles. The Maxum Home Air purifier does a great job on removing both PM10 and PM2.5 from the air. Asthmatics and those with allergies will find quick relief  when they turn their air purifier on. People with COPD will find it much easier to breathe. Your over all quality of life and health are increased by using a home air purifier.


Built to Last in the USA

The Maxum home air purifier is an industrial strength air cleaner that works great in the home or office. The Maxum is made from an 18 gauge steel body. This super tough frame is covered by a 20 gauge vinyl coated steel shell. This tough material is the same used by many leading appliance manufactures. The Maxum Electrostatic Home Air purifier has the best warranty in the industry. The power supply and electronic cell are guaranteed to provide 7 years of  worry free operation. The Maxum has been in production for 30 years . Many of them are still running today. You can be assured that service, parts and accessories will be available for many years to come.  The Maxum is built in our plant in Racine WI by skilled American workers.  Few electrostatic air cleaners sold for the home a made in the USA. Most units are built in Asia an shipped here where they are sold at a large profit and at the loss of American jobs.

Free for Schools

RK Ventures Inc., the manufacturer of LakeAir Air Purifying Systems, is proud to announce a program to allow schools to examine the benefits of improved indoor air quality. We will install a Maxum Electrostatic Air purifier in one classroom of any school wishing to participate in a 90 day free no obligation trial. This program has been pilot tested in Libertyville Illinois with amazing results. According to participants, school absenteeism was greatly reduced. The teaching and learning environment was enhanced. The classrooms smell cleaner. Both teachers and students found the classroom a nicer place to be. The use of items like tissues, allergy medicine, rescue inhalers were used less. Therefore saving the school and families money while improving the entire classroom experience.

Maxum Electrostatic Air Cleaner

Maxum Electrostatic Air Purifier, Perfect for the home, school or office

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  • capacity 210-275 cfm
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 13.25″
  • unit weight 24 lb.
  • sound level 49-54 db (A)
  • particle removal: 97% of airborne particles as small as .1 micron
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/.85 amps -or-
  •             230v, AC/50/60 Hz/.30 amps
  • shipping weight 29 lb.
  • activated carbon filter
  • washable permanent electronic filter cell
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • available in black, white, woodgrain and brushed aluminum

Additional Information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 16 × 16 in


Electrostatic Air Cleaners for Smoke

The Maxum Electrostatic Air Cleaner is perfect for smoke removal. it functions by producing electric fields. As airborne fragments pass inside this field, they gather an ionizing charge and are dragged to an oppositely charged collection plate. The Maxum has a free air flow design and radial fan that moves generous amounts air through its powerful electronic cell. The Maxum is powerful enough to clean all the air room in a large room (24′ x 24′) 5 times an hour.  The Maxum air cleaner for smoke purifies the air in the room With each pass. Many of the leading “hepa” models have vastly undersized fans and only filter the air in a room 1 or 2 times an hour.  Removing Smoke requires many more air changes. Often times smoke is being produced again and again. Your air purifier has to process more air to be truly efficient.

Activated Carbon Filter for Smoke

Smoke is made up of many harmful gasses. The Maxum’s activated carbon filter removes these gasses that a HEPA filter cannot. The Particles of smoke are removed by the Maxum’s electrostatic cell. Gasses and VOCs are removed by a process called adsorption.   Physical adsorption through activated carbon is one of the most effective odor controls. It can typically remove 99.9% of all incoming contaminates. The Combination of electrostatic cell and activated carbon filter is what makes the Maxum electrostatic air cleaner for smoke so effective.

Electrostatic air cleaners for Allergies

Many allergists recommend air purifiers to their patients. Dr. Daryl R. Altman, an allergist at the Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center in Queens, said purifiers are part of a multifront war against allergens like dust and pollen.

“The better you do with environmental allergy control — whether through air filtration or things like encasing your bedding — the better your allergies are going to be,” Dr. Altman said.

The Maxum electrostatic air cleaner uses electrical charges in the ionizing section charge allergens and irritants. These charged particles are then trapped on the collecting plates. The Maxum are captures the particles within the system; otherwise, they stick to room surfaces and have to be cleared away. The most efficient filters are electrostatic precipitators, and the best of those use a fan. The Maxum’s large fan makes this unit very effective.

Anecdotal Claims from LakeAir Customers

Over the years we have heard many stories from LakeAir Customers. These stories are not presented as facts but as fun tales. Jim called our customer service number telling us the Maxum he installed in the bedroom at home cured his wives snoring. Becky called us to let us know that her cat will only sleep in front of the Excel she installed in her reading room. June wrote an email telling us her birds stopped losing feathers after installing a LakeAir air purifier in the front room of her apartment in Buffalo. We hear stories all the time about how LakeAir products positively affect their lives. We would love to hear from you of any successes or failures you might experience. Clean air is important to us here at LakeAir. Let us know how we can improve our products and what we can do to help make your world a better place to breathe.


2 reviews for Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier

  1. Bob

    My wife hates the smell of my cigars, I bought the Maxum Electrostatic to help clear the cigar odor from my den. It works great and now I don’t get in hot water with my wife over my favorite cigar. Thanks ALOT LakeAir!~

  2. B Johnston

    I love my cats! My girlfriend isn’t crazy about the smell or the extra fur. To keep her happy I bought 2 of these at a trade show. They have done a good job with odor and cat hair. I should have bought the extra sized odor filter, but the stock filter was pretty good. I would buy these again and suggest you try them if your pet sheds a ton.

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