Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier



The Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier has commercial strength power with quiet operation to purify air in large home and office areas. It is ideal for conference rooms, living and family rooms or wall mounted in small restaurant areas. The Maxum is powerful enough to clean a 24′ x 24′ area.

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The Maxum Electrostatic Home Air Purifier  removes 97% of airborne particle as small as .01 microns and trap them in its powerful filtering system.  The LakeAir Maxum  air purifiers clean indoor air throughout your home and office, using less energy than a 125 watt light bulb.  The Maxum model comes with an electronic filter that can be cleaned. This unit also comes with a replaceable activated carbon filter and is available in black, wood grain or white. The Maxum can be bought on our site or from one of our re-selling partners.

Benefits and Applications

The Maxum Electrostatic Home air purifier cleans the air in your home to relieve asthma suffers. The Maxum is a mold killing machine. Smoke is destroyed by the Maxum’s 3 filter design. You will breathe easier when you have the Maxum protection. The Maxum will make your home a refuge from air pollution and airborne irritants.  the Maxum removes:

  • dust                              pollen                     pet dander                pesticides                        rag weed
  • mold                            bacteria                   smoke                        formaldehyde                acetone
  • viruses                        dust mites               pet hair                      radon                               off gassing
  • And many many more indoor pollutants that pose a threat to the air we breathe at home


Built to Last

The Maxum is an industrial strength air purifier that works great in the home or office. The Maxum is made from an 18 gauge steel body. This super tough frame is covered by a 20 gauge vinyl coated steel shell. This tough material is the same used by many leading appliance manufactures. The Maxum Electrostatic Home Air purifier has the best warranty in the industry. The power supply and electronic cell are guaranteed to provide 7 years of  worry free operation. The Maxum has been in production for nearly 30 years and many of them are still running today. You can be assured that service, parts and accessories will be available for many years to come.

Free for Schools

RK Ventures Inc., the manufacturer of LakeAir Air Purifying Systems, is proud to announce a new program to allow schools to examine the benefits of improved indoor air quality. We will install a LakeAir Maxum Electrostatic Air purifier in one classroom of any school wishing to participate in a 90 day free no obligation trial. This program has been pilot tested with amazing results. According to participants, school absenteeism was greatly reduced and the teaching and
learning environment was enhanced. The classrooms smell cleaner and both teachers and students found the classroom a nicer place to be.

Maxum Electrostatic Air Purifier

Maxum Electrostatic Air Purifier, Perfect for the home, school or office




The Maxum electronic air cleaner attracts and retain airborne particulate like a powerful magnet.


  1.  Dirty air is drawn into the Maxum.
  2.  Particles pass through to the ionizing section of the electronic filter cell where they are given a positive electrical charge. The positively charged particles continue through to the
     Maxum Filter Design

    Maxum flow through design

    negatively charged collecting section of the electronic filter cell where they are attracted and caught by the opposite charge in this section – just like a magnet attracts iron filings. The pollutants are held on the collecting section until they are washed away during the cleaning process.

  3.  The air is then passes through an odor absorbing activated carbon after filter to freshen the purified air. (An optional Super Maxum carbon filter is also available for areas with heavy smoke & odors.)
  4.  The quiet circular fan…
  5.  …pushes the purified air back into the room.


  • capacity 210-275 cfm
  • unit size 13 x 17 x 13.25″
  • unit weight 24 lb.
  • sound level 49-54 db (A)
  • particle removal: 97% of airborne particles as small as .01microns
  • Power 120v, AC/60Hz/.85 amps -or-
  •             230v, AC/50/60 Hz/.30 amps
  • shipping weight 29 lb.
  • activated carbon filter
  • washable permanent electronic filter cell
  • 7 Year Limited Warranty
  • available in black, white and woodgrain

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 16 x 16 in


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